As one of the most prominent figures in the Arab entertainment industry, Haifa Wehbe’s career is truly extraordinary.

From being awarded one of the most influential personalities to performing for humanitarian causes, here’s some facts you may not know about this Lebanese superstar.

She began her career with a beauty pageant


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At the age of 16, Haifa won the title of ‘Miss South Lebanon’, while she also won an ancillary title at the ‘Miss Lebanon’ competition, where she eventually became noticed and propelled her into superstardom.

The pop star released a self-isolation inspired music video with Elissa

Last year, amidst the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lebanese singer released a self-isolation-inspired music video with Elissa.

The single by Elisa was titled ‘Hanaghani Kaman Wa Kaman’ which translates to ‘we shall sing again’, giving both a message of hope to fans, as well as a continued to plea to practice social distancing and self-isolation during the current coronavirus pandemic.

In order to help those in need during the pandemic, it was confirmed “all the allocated budget” for the music video was “donated to charity”.

She was on the list of ’50 most beautiful people’


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From Grammy award winners to models from around the world, People magazine annually releases a list of the ‘most beautiful people’. In 2006, Haifa appeared on the list alongside some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

She survived an accident in 2007

This courageous personality survived an accident that took place while she was filming for a music video for the song Hasa Ma Bena in Lebanon. A single-engine airplane was meant to chase the car she drove, but it accidentally hit her car taking off her windshield as she drove the convertible. Despite the severity of the accident she only suffered minor injuries and bruises.

Haifa made her acting debut in 2008

For a Pepsi-produced film entitled Sea of Stars, Haifa made her first acting debut, which also featured a line-up with some of the biggest names in the Arab pop world. It became one of the biggest budget Arab musicals of all time.

She produced an album independently


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Back in September 2018, Haifa released her seventh studio album, entitled Hawwa which featured around 15 different songs and debuted at number one on the iTunes charts. It was produced by herself completely without a record label.

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