Massage tools at the ready

If you thought massaging your face is just another unnecessary step in your beauty routine, then think again.

How good do you feel after doing a workout? Your body feels  firm and strong. Now imagine if your facial muscles got the same treatment? Your complexion is lifted, de-puffed and fresh. These massage tools are also great for those with tense muscles round the face, especially if you’re prone to jaw-clenching.


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Jade rollers or gua sha stones unblock the deeper layers of your skin, removing toxins and redefining your features – bye bye tech neck and hello cheekbones! You can use them with product, or without, but with product the roller will glide smoothly and help your skin absorb the product better.

After you’ve give your face a little workout, these tools can also be used for relaxing if you apply less pressure and slow down the movement – perfect way to ease the tension after a long day at the office.

With various options to choose from, rose quartz is great for cooling the skin, boosting circulation and reducing puffiness, while pure gold is naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. There’s also the black obsidian stone traditionally believed to relieve muscle inflammation, help Vitamin C and D absorption and strengthen connective tissues.

Omorovicza Rose Quartz Face Roller on

face massage tools

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar

face massage tools

Sarah Chapman The Facialift

face massage tools

Susanne Kaufmann Obsidian Face Roller

face massage tools

Hayo’u Beauty Restorer

face massage tools

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