Saudi Arabia is continuing to pave the way when it comes to innovative art exhibitions.

Adding to its host of awe-inspiring events is Desert X AlUla 2022 that’s all set to showcase the artistic heritage of the local community in the region.

As the second instalment of this highly-anticipated contemporary art event, the world is all set to explore the world of art in a new light.


The main focus of this international art exhibition is for talented artists around the world to explore ideas of mirage and oasis, as ancient concepts of natural and made-made worlds come alive.

“AlUla values arts and creativity as essential and transformative layers for enriching society, economy and quality of life,” Nora Aldabal, the executive director of arts and creative industries at Royal Commission for AlUla, said.

‘The heritage, legacy and character of AlUla must be protected and preserved; with initiatives like Desert X AlUla, we are crafting the next chapter in AlUla’s history as a cradle of artistic inspiration, transfer and expression.”

Desert AlUla project

Several notable artists such as Shadia Alem, Jim Denevan, Stephanie Deumer, Sultan bin Fahad, Monika Sosnowska and many more will have their work on display as visitors unravel through the wonders of nature during this 11-week programme at AlUla.

In addition, a plethora of Saudi artists shall exhibit their work at this UNESCO World Heritage site to foster an ongoing dialogue through art between artists, curators and international and local communities.

From nature-inspired architectural structures to large puddle-shaped solar panels where the energy of the sun is captured, newfound technology and creations are presented to explore the earth’s ingenuity.

Desert Raneem

Raneem Farsi, the co-artistic director of Desert X AlUla, said: “Having worked for many years on the development and representation of the Saudi art scene, I can see that today Saudi artists are getting more attention and opportunities than ever before, both locally and internationally.”

The other set of in-depth activations includes the art mediator training program, family events, workshops for teachers and other onboard entertainment such as music performances.

This exclusive exhibition will take place until March 30, 2022 and is open to the public.

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