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If you’re a salon regular, then the new measures in place to keep us at home in the aim to curb the spread COVID-19 might impact the health of your hair. While our skin gets a deserved break from daily makeup (make sure to check out expert skincare tips), our hair on the other hand could suffer from lack of trims and treatments.

Luckily, we have three Dubai-based stylists on hand to talk us through what and what not to do at home in order for us to emerge with fabulous locks once the #stayhome initiative has been lifted.

Hicham Eid, Stylist and Ambassador, Davines Arabia


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  • Get in the habit of using a detoxifying shampoo once a week to ensure your hair is cleansed deeply. I recommend using the detoxifying scrub shampoo from Davines.
  • Apply a conditioning mask once a week as it can offer deeper hydration and repair, leaving hair lush and shiny.
  • Comb the conditioner through your hair to apply and evenly distribute through the ends. I recommend using the EIDEAL comb (The Particular).
  • Condition your hair after every shampoo to hydrate it. For those who colour their hair, choose the right conditioner for your hair texture as the right product will safeguard against colour fading.
  • Wash your hair on a regular basis. A healthy scalp creates the best environment for hair growth. Shampoo anywhere from daily to 3 times a week depends on your hair ’s needs. For delicate and fine hair, I recommend using the DEDE shampoo and conditioner from Davines. For highlighted and chemically processed hair I recommend using the Nourishing line from Davines Naturaltech.
  • After applying a conditioner and waiting for 2-5 minutes. Make sure to comb your hair right before rinsing in order to seal the cuticle of the hair.
  • Use heat protect or products before blow drying or styling using irons. I recommend the Hair Shield from Davines essential haircare.


  • Use too much shampoo. No matter which shampoo you’re using, you really only need a pea-sized amount to cleanse thoroughly.
  • Don’t use products with silicones and parabens. They coat the hair, which weighs it down. Also never use two-in-one shampoos and conditioners as they leave residue on the hair shaft that will leave your hair looking dull.
  • Never apply heavy conditioner at the scalp. Use richer conditioning products and hair masks near the ends where hair tends to be the most dry.
  • Give your conditioner at least 2-5 minutes to fully absorb and moisturize your hair.
  • Do not apply friction while drying it. Drying hair gently from root to tip will make your hair look shinier and smoother.
  • Avoid backcombing your hair. It increases friction on the hair, meaning it will knot more easily and be harder to detangle. The less friction your hair is exposed to, the better – it will make it softer and easier to handle.

Ruksher Malik, Co-Founder of Pastels Salon


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Absolutely never cut your hair at home yourself. If you do cut your hair at home, it will, inevitably, go wrong as you are not a trained professional and you could end up paying more in the long run to have it fixed. I would recommend that you contact the salon you usually visit and ask them if they can offer a home service. If they do not offer such a service and you are self-isolating or you are in quarantine because you are sick, then you can wait to have it cut and during this time you could try out new styles.

Instead of spending time cutting your hair, why not use this time to check on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration on styles you could wear when your hair is a slightly longer length, or watch YouTube tutorials to learn new ways of styling your hair.

Also, invest in time in giving your hair some TLC by using a masque and also by giving it a rest from heated hair tools such as a hairdryer – your hair will definitely thank you.

Lucinda Gill, Manager of That Hair Tho Dubai


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Don’t put too much heat on your hair. Avoid over curling or ironing your hair as it can just make it look dull and lifeless.

Do treat your hair at home and give it some TLC. This can be with home-made remedies, Olaplex or Davines’ hair masks.

Don’t attempt to cut or snip your own hair out of boredom. As a professional we do not recommend attempting this as if the results are not what you wanted then it will be harder to correct.

Do play around with styles while your home. Braids are super in right now so watching some YouTube tutorials on how to braid will really give your arms a workout and give you some lush beachy locks.

Try to enjoy spending some time to do your hair. Normal day to day time constraints don’t allow us to experiment. Now is the time to play and practice.

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