As an ancient health energy healing technique passed down through generations, Reiki is known to be a highly effective practice known to balance the chakras.

Born to bring one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realm in synergy, this non-invasive treatment comes with an array of health benefits.

To delve deeper, Emirates Woman spoke to the Dubai-based practitioner, Zakia Kazi on how you can fine-tune your wellness through Reiki.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

Mornings provide the perfect canvas to be able to set the tone for the day. I wake up at 6.00am and immediately get into a 30-minute meditation session which consists of transcendental meditation techniques of 15 minutes followed by visualization meditation. I am able to set my intentions for the day in the meditation as I find a space of stillness. I also take a few minutes to ask for protection for my day ahead. I alternate my meditations between desire visualizations, Buddhist healing meditations and sometimes just a simple breathing meditation. Invoking Reiki is a must as healing is activated for the day. After that, I’m prepared for a fabulous day ahead. What initially brought you towards Reiki and how long have you been practicing? I have been practicing Reiki for over seven years now and I cannot emphasise enough how beautiful this healing technique is. With Reiki, it’s always a calling. Mine came from a Reiki Healing session that I personally had done for myself. After the session, I could immediately feel the onset of the healing process with changes in my emotional wellbeing. I felt calmer and slowly realized that the emotional pains were dissipating. I felt I needed to learn more and pursued a Master Teacher Training with the International Centre for Reiki Training. It has been my goal ever since that many people learn Reiki so that they can self-heal and change their lives for the better.


What are the key short and long-term benefits of Reiki?

The short-term benefits of Reiki include easing stress, helping with sleep disorders, helping to clear chakras, relieving physical pains, promoting harmony from within and accelerated recovery, be it physical or mental hurt. The long-term benefits of Reiki include cleansing the body of toxins, it aids manifestation, helping in spiritual growth, helps in relieving emotional stress, pain, anxiety and fatigue, dissolving energy blocks in chakras, helping to live an emotionally well-balanced life, helping to control low lying emotions such as anger and fear and increases patience and love for self and others.

In today’s fast-paced environment, how important is it to implement these rebalancing techniques and how often should you do them?

There is no better time than now to balance, heal and meditate. The consciousness of the world is rising and there are many more people who are veering towards finding joy and happiness. This can be achieved when we find the stillness within us and allow ourselves to give up the illusion of control. Yes, the world is moving fast and with the heavy influences of social media, one does tend to place unnecessary pressure on fitting in, stress, anxiety and insecurity of constantly fitting in can be self-destructive. When we find Reiki, meditation and healing, we are able to deal with our inner emotions, live a well-balanced life and are much kinder to ourselves and the people around us. In the end, all that we want is joy and peace, and Reiki allows you to get there.

How can Reiki and meditation go hand-in-hand for one’s overall well-being?

Reiki means universal life energy that works with its own consciousness to heal the mental and physical blocks of a sentient being. Reiki is a healing technique and once activated (Through symbols that are taught to you by a master), can simply change your life and help you to better achieve reprieve from physical and emotional pain. If not learned, two Reiki sessions a month can help too. Meditation allows you to find the stillness within you. Once our consciousness is calm, we are able to implement intentions, and manifestations and therefore create the life that we want. A loving and kind meditation can fill you with beautiful light and help dispel all the low-lying energies within you. Recently I spent over a week in a monastery up in the hills of Kathmandu and it is there that I learned meditation is nothing but familiarizing the mind. It isn’t about making your mind blank, but allowing yourself to reach that stillness within you by re-training your attention which will help you focus better and change your reaction to the circumstances that you face. Once you are able to let go, you will be happy.

The Ritz-Carlton DIFC launched the #RCDIF- CWellness programme earlier this year. Tell us why this was a key focus?

The new holistic healing programme comes after 2022 was declared the year of wellness and self-care globally. The new series of holistic energy healing therapies at the hotel’s luxurious spa, help to unwind both business travellers and leisure guests from the hustle and bustle of the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Reiki Expert Zakia

Which chakras are most commonly blocked?

Usually, the chakras that are most commonly blocked are the Root Chakra, Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakra. The Root Chakra is our centre of security. When we have a sense of lack, this chakra is blocked. Due to the commercialization of the world we live in, never wants never stop. Thus this chakra creates an imbalance and plunges us into a “never being satisfied” phase. An attitude of gratitude for all that you have and knowing that all your needs will be fulfilled, help to heal this chakra. The Solar Plexus chakra is the centre of our emotions. Fear, pain, anger, and neglect, all thrive in the solar plexus. These emotions need to be healed at the root cause to allow us to be free of these chains, much of this can be associated with trauma that we may have faced in our childhood. The Third Eye Chakra needs regular meditation to be opened. The Third Eye is “all seeing and all knowing” and it is the seat of our intuition. Once opened, the Third Eye allows us to be more intuitive and look past the haze and make decisions with more precision.

This is The Finer Things Issue – how do you fine-tune your own life?

The first step to fine-tuning your life is meditation. Make meditation a habit, just the way you bathe or brush your teeth. Meditation will help you get the clarity you need, will calm the anxiety within you and help you to lead a fulfilled life. The next step is gratitude and giving. Remember, the more you give, the more you shall receive. State the things you are grateful for, either in meditation or in a journal. The next step is a vision board, as it al- lows you to beautifully create the life that you want, be it health, wealth, family or love. Place your vision board and look at it first thing every morning. You will notice a sense of sheer happiness and fulfilment as manifestation begins here. The final step is to heal. Everyone needs healing. A Reiki session will support this healing and for optimised effect try once to twice per month. Healing is like a massage for your soul. As the outer, so the inner.

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