We discuss the finer details of human design and energy management with Negin Baradari and how an understanding of your unique energetic profile can help you fine-tune your life to drive success.

What is Human Design, how did it originate and how does it work?

My practice combines ancient wisdom modalities with a special focus on a more recent modality called Human Design. Human Design is a self-discovery modality that combines ancient wisdom (elements of astrology, the I ching, the chakra system, the kabbalah tree of life) and modern science (quantum physics, genomics) to create clarity on how we are programmed. It provides a highly-customised roadmap of your energetic operating system based on your strengths, weaknesses, and avenues of potential. Imagine getting access to your energetic user manual. Human Design is an MRI of the energy flows/a scan of your energy.

What first brought you to this practice and do you see similarities in those who are drawn to this in your clients?

My spiritual journey started early on with my grandmothers being my first teachers in this multidimensional arena. Looking back now, I realize that different ancient modalities came into my energetic field at various pivotal moments/intersections in my life. The clients drawn to my practice are spiritually curious in nature yet diligent (analytical and due diligence) and are striving for optimal living across all avenues of their lives – they are overachievers with a sense of social responsibility/compassion. They appreciate the fact that my practice offers a synergy between science and holistic wisdom. They are also willing to show up fully, even through the discomfort. They are ready to face what’s in the way of their massive upleveling. Above all, they have made a powerful choice to invest in themselves.

Negin Baradari

What can you expect from a session and how is this useful in everyday life?

A session increases awareness and enhances clarity. I share pearls of inner wisdom about you that you are not conscious about and reframe them as your natural strengths or superpowers. I articulate your inner strength so you may mirror this on your trailblazing journey. My sessions are more about practical takeaways rather than preaching on holistic best practices. You’ll leave the first session with an in-depth understanding of how to enhance your personal life interactions, how to optimise your work-life approach and what self-development avenues to embark upon.

You’ll be offered practical insights and tools to manage your energy, such as how you are designed to make decisions, interact with others, and operate in terms of work and life balance. Think of it as an energy management manual, every action in life has an energetic component so the more conscious we are with our actions the more flow we create in our lives, and the more flow we create the fewer blocks we have in our way.

What are mental and emotional blockages and how do they affect us?

Our energetic circuitry when optimal is akin to a well-oiled machine. You can feel in a blissful space and engage with life in a state of flow. Blockages on multiple layers occur when stress and fear create a node that feels uncomfortable and like a burden. We have the power to clear mental and emotional blockages and the first step is enhancing clarity and then increasing awareness, the second is using that insight and acting upon it.

Do these blockages compound over time to affect the body and mind if left unremoved?

Absolutely. Imagine you are holding onto emotions that are no longer yours, or other people’s thoughts that have conditioned you. These irrelevant thoughts and feelings feel like accumulating pebbles that make a smooth road rough, taking up space in your energetic field, i.e. your aura – the energetic bubble holding your energetic exchanges.

What results can you expect afterwards and how long will they last for?

Human Design gives us access to our energetic user manual. It’s up to us how we use that, how we apply the insight and how long we enable change with it. It can also give voice to our energetic exchanges so that we hear them louder and clearer, but we need to be open-minded to listen, otherwise, the journey doesn’t continue.

This is The Finer Things Issue – how have you fine-tuned your business?

I became my own curator and started living my purpose, I practised what I preached by incorporating human design coaching into my day job. I knew I wanted to do something that was niche and not widely talked about, without losing my qualifications and credentials. So I looked at how my corporate career could evolve and grow, rather than change, and combine these two worlds. I encourage people to talk more about human design and encourage them to share their knowledge – this should be a common subject and conversation in people’s daily lives. I look forward to the day corporations seek the benefits of this knowledge when hiring staff and structuring teams, or families use it to understand each other better when living under the same roof.

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