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Dr Dany Kayle, Founder of Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic, talks through the rise of non-invasive beauty treatments which are replacing going under the knife.

Can you talk us through your career?

I graduated as a plastic surgeon from the American University of Beirut in 1999. I moved to the UAE in August 2000 where I started to work at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, then moved to Manchester Clinic in Dubai, followed by Majestic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City until I established my own centre, Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic, in August 2013, which I’m still running until now. Here we have the best team of highly experienced professionals who provide everything our clients need under one roof from plastic surgery services, dermatology services, beauty and skincare services.

Dr Dany Kayle

What brought you to Dubai?

Dubai is the best city worldwide. It is where you want to be especially as a plastic surgeon. It is a cosmopolitan city where people come to from all parts of the world. Consequently, you can meet patients from different cultures and hence deal with different concepts or views for beauty, thus rendering the practice more interesting. Needless to talk about the advances in technology, infrastructure and architecture that make the city the ultimate destination for any business startup until this very moment.

You’ve had your own practice here in Dubai for over 20 years. How have you seen things change in the region over that period of time when it comes to beauty?

There have been tremendous changes over that period. The technological development of mobile phones and cameras and consequently the social media platforms have increased awareness about one’s look. So, the demand for beauty services whether plastic surgery, dermatology, or skincare services has increased exponentially over the past 20 years. However, the most important change is the tendency to shy away from surgical procedures and trying to go for nonsurgical approaches like, for example, trying to avoid facelift surgery and instead of going for non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures like thread lifting, fat filling, Botox, and hyaluronic acid fillers, lasers and so on.

When you have clients coming in to see you, do they outline anyone, in particular, they want to look like?

Yes, that’s quite expected. In fact, most people have one or two people whom they admire or they consider as an idol in many ways, one of which is the way they look. However, it is our duty as their surgeons, to direct them to the right path, if whatever they are asking for doesn’t suit them based on the measurement they already have. In fact, many times, this kind of request helps us as surgeons to have an idea as to what the patients are aspiring or what they are looking for as the ultimate result of the procedure they are asking for, and then we can agree or disagree.

What are the processes you go through with clients to ensure they are 100 percent sure they want to undergo a specific procedure?

The only and best process is to go through a comprehensive prolonged consultation. The patients should be given enough time to discuss all the details of the concerns or the problems they are willing to improve on. The consultation should not be less than 45 minutes to one hour during which all the details of the problem and the different options available as the solution are discussed. Patients should understand every path they should go through to help achieve their target; they should understand the procedure, the end result, the possible complications, and only then after having this lengthy discussion, they make their decision and that decision will be then based on solid ground.

Dr Kayle Skin clinic treatments

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge rise in non-invasive beauty procedures. Would you say these are now more popular than going “under the knife”?

This is among the major changes that have occurred in recent years. People now are shying away from going under the knife for many reasons: either because they want to reduce the cost or because they don’t want to have general anesthesia or they don’t want to have any wound, or, which is the main reason, because they don’t have time to allow for the downtime associated with surgical procedures. Consequently, they opt to go through non-surgical ways of rejuvenation, especially that those procedures have advanced so much lately; now we can delay the need for a facelift for seven or ten years easily using a combination of multiple non-surgical procedures like thread lifting, fad filling, laser peeling, Botox and more.

What would you class as a non-invasive beauty treatment?

A non-invasive procedure is a procedure that can be done in the clinic, under local anesthesia, without having the need to resort to the knife, that is we don’t need to have a wound there and consequently no scarring. Thus, the patients would have the time set back for them, as far as the look is concerned, without going through the whole burden that invasive procedure would entail.

What are the most popular non-invasive beauty treatments?

The most popular non-invasive treatments include thread lifting, Botox, fillers, whether hyaluronic acid fillers or the patient’s own fat, peeling whether using lasers or chemical peeling, radiofrequency, mesotherapy, and PRP as well as facial cleansing and skincare treatments.

What are the benefits of opting for non-invasive treatments?

The benefits of going for non-invasive treatment is saving time as not much downtime is needed like an invasive procedure, of course saving on the cost, avoiding the need for general anesthesia and avoiding the presence of any wound or scar while, at the same time, enjoying a youthful look and postponing the need for any surgical intervention for many years.

How do you hope to help your clients at your clinic?

The best thing we do for our patients is that we are honest with them. Many times we deny them procedures just because we know that it’s not needed or they’re not going to benefit from it. It is our duty to guide our patients. Patients are coming to us seeking advice and they are going to get an honest one. The role of plastic surgery is not just to make changes on the way a patient looks, rather it is to improve on the way a patient looks. If we don’t think what the patient is asking for is going to enhance on her beauty then we have to explain to the patient that this procedure is not appropriate for her. This honest advice is what we have been striving to provide our patients with for the past 21 years of practice and all our patients appreciate it.

Where do you see the beauty industry in the future and what role is social media playing in this?

Indeed. This spread of social media with its huge content of photos and videos have put so much emphasis on the look of the person. People are more aware of the way they look, first for self-satisfaction, and also for how they are going to be seen by other people, by their friends, or in their communities; so they tend to look their best. Of course, this has created and will keep creating an increased demand for plastic surgery and beauty services. Consequently, it is very important for patients to seek the advice of experts and adequately trained and licensed professionals in the field.

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The Hero Treatments

The Chemical Peel

Process: A solution is applied to the skin that causes the outer layers to eventually peel off. You can choose from a superficial, medium or deep peel which determines the extent of the peeling. The

Results: Smoother, even-toned skin and reduction in fine lines.


Process: An FDA-approved non-invasive body contouring treatment that combines infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy and vacuum, which cause deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue.

Results: In six to ten weeks after the beginning of treatment, a reduction of fat and cellulite can be seen in the targeted area.


Process: Having been a popular treatment for many years, Botox is an injectable treatment that involves a medication called onabotulinumtoxinA being injected into the face and temporarily prevents muscle movement in the desired area.

Results: Reduced wrinkles and smooths skin leaving a more youthful look lasting from three to six months.


Process: The highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid is injected into the face stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Results: Improves the skin’s overall glow, volume and elasticity lasting from six to 12 months.

June’s – ‘The Beauty Issue’ – Download Now

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