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Created by Hedi Slimane, author of the private collection of perfumes Maison Christian Dior in 2004, the Celine perfume collection draws its know-how from french high perfumery, in keeping with the tradition of the ‘couturier parfumeur’.

Celine Cologne

The Celine haute parfumerie collection is comprised of 11 perfumes, nine of which will be coming out in fall 2019 and two others during 2020.

The 11 names chosen by Hedi Slimane for each perfume stem from the couturier’s olfactory journal.

The Journal of a Couturier

The starting point and the root of the collection’s creation is Heidi Slimane’s olfactory journal, where each perfume relies on the memory of emotions, on a specific memory or the narrative of the couturier.

Hence, there is the personal and sentimental character at the heart of the project and Heidi Slimane’s relationship with his perfumers.

Heidi Slimane’s powdery olfactory signature

Hedi Slimane

All the perfumes are linked together by one singular olfactory imprint. A powdery note, highly prized by the couturier since his beginnings as a perfumer, dominates the collection, shading the singular features of each composition.

The bottle

The rectangular bottle designed by Heidi Slimane for Celine is in keeping with the great tradition of French glassmaking.

May’s – ‘The Fragrance Issue’ – Download Now

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