Launched today on April 8, 2024, Podcaster and beauty founder Lauryn Bosstick is entering the SPF category this month with the launch of The Skinny Confidential’s Caffeinated SPF.

Lauryn Bosstick is unveiling her first SPF product on the 3rd anniversary of The Skinny Confidential product line. The caffeinated SPF marks a significant milestone in Lauryn’s journey to redefine sun protection.

Using the power of caffeine to help lift, tighten and firm & protecting against UVA/UVB rays, the new launch creates a perfect canvas for your makeup as the last step in your skincare routine for more radiant-looking skin. This mineral based caffeinated sunscreen, includes a blend of ingredients such as Vitamin E, Rosemary Leaf Extract and more.

To delve into her career in the beauty industry, Emirates Woman Sat down with Bosstick to see how her journey as an entrepreneur all began.

You’ve launched several products – how did you define which to release first?

The ice roller was something that really helped my puffiness and swelling after double jaw surgery. Its release was a no-brainer because there weren’t any on the market that were high-quality, kept the cold for a long time, and didn’t break after a few weeks.  After talking about puffiness and bloating to the community I realised they wanted the same thing I did: a high quality, effective tool that’s pretty to look at too.

When you initially launched the product were you surprised by the uptake and sell-out success?

Yes, the support and five-star reviews were surreal. At the same time, we spent three years perfecting the ice roller so it would be Rolls Royce of ice rollers. So to see that the community was getting real results, instantly and noticed the quality and attention to detail made the entire launch something the team and I were really proud of.

How long did it take to get the SPF right and what were the key KPIs for this?

It’s taken two years to get it just how we want it. Lightweight, non-greasy, super clean and mineral. In fact, the formulation we originally had developed was a chemical sunscreen. But part way through testing and research we decided that to bring our community the absolute best product we had to change it to mineral. It’s suitable for more skin types, healthier, cleaner and works better in my opinion. It cost an arm and a leg but it was worth it.

Can you expand on how the caffeinated SPF differs from other SPFs and how this is beneficial?

Caffeine in skincare products is going to really take flight. There are already lots of products that utilize caffeine so putting it in SPF, something you put on your face every single day (I hope), was a no brainer. Caffeine on the skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness, an antioxidant to help fight UV damage, it lifts, tightens and firms, decreases inflammation, increases collagen production, increases blood flow and can reduce redness.

Do you  apply SPF above or below make up  daily?

You should apply SPF as the last step in your skincare routine, BEFORE you put on your makeup. This sunscreen gives such a perfect dewy glow, you could definitely use it as a tinted SPF if you don’t need a lot of coverage. The sheen it gives the skin, collarbones and hands is so dreamy.

The Skinny Confidential

You have beautiful skin. How did  you get comfortable having less bronzed skin?

I love the look of a tan just like anyone. But the sun is so aging and I learned that from a very young age, thanks to my mom.  Having a good skincare routine is key to being comfortable without a lot of makeup or a tan to cover it. Making sure you remove your makeup every night before bed, taking makeup breaks, staying hydrated, eating well, exfoliating and shaving your face all help a natural, healthy complexion.

What motivates you to keep driving forward?

The entire creative process. Finding something that needs a facelift, chopping it apart, blending it up, reimagining it, making it nice to look at and creating something people will love is what keeps me going. I thrive off the back and forth, sometimes chaotic process.

The Skinny Confidential Foundation

How important is it to cultivate an abundant mindset  and what do you do when you don’t feel like this?

The way you speak to yourself is very powerful. Read anything by Louise Hay and you’ll understand how important it is. You create your own future and the way you talk to yourself matters. When I was broke years ago, working 2 jobs and in school, I would say to myself “it’s ok, you’ll make more money.” And I always did.  When I gained 60 lbs from my pregnancies I changed my mindset to “it will come off, I can do this” and it worked. Of course, a lot of other things were at play, but that change of mindset is motivating and helps you attract the tools you need to hit your goals.

Your hair is in such great condition. How do you protect it in the sun and what are your hair non negotiables for growth?

The most important things for hair growth for me personally, is that I went brunette and eat tons of meat. I think this has had such an impact on my hair. It’s longer, thicker and healthier.  I also take Nutrafol which helped majorly for postpartum hair loss, but I still take it. Scalp massage with Vegamour hair serum and using Wells 60 repair helps a lot too when it stimulates hair growth and repair damage. I also only wash my hair every two weeks.

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