After many festivities were put on hold last year, people are gearing up for a Christmas full of celebration and coming together. This includes Georgia May Jagger.

“I am really looking forward to hopefully being able to spend time more freely with my friends and family,” she told Emirates Woman when we sat down with her to discuss her work with Danish jewellery house Pandora as one of their Muses and their latest collection.

Embodying the festive spirit, the new Pandora Moments collection consists of celestial symbolism using the stars and sparkly motifs.

“I’m obsessed with the celestial sparkling stud earrings and the band of asymmetric stars ring and love the open waves and spinning globe charms, too,” Georgia said.

In our interview with the supermodel and designer, she opens up about her partnership with Pandora, her festive plans and her plans for 2022.

 How do your values in line with Pandora’s core principles?

Pandora’s purpose is to empower people to tell their stories and express their individuality through jewellery. I think the jewellery you wear can be a reflection of who you are so there is a lot of synergy here. I have a very eclectic jewellery collection from fun charms, beautiful gifted pieces that are very personal, my sister Jade’s pieces and some of my mum’s old costume pieces. I think jewellery is a great way to dress things up or down depending on your mood and the occasion.

You’ve had a long-standing partnership with Pandora over the years. How has this evolved over time?

It has been such a great opportunity working with Pandora and with the other Muses. We have worked on various projects and I think each of the Muses brings something different that combined represents Pandora and their purpose well. It was very inspiring to go to the factory in Thailand to see the process and the key values of the brand

It’s so fabulous you have such a long-standing partnership with Pandora. What has it been like working with an iconic brand like this over the years?

There is a natural alignment based on the core principles and it’s really been a pleasure to be part of this incredible journey with them and with the other Muses.


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You’re all about raising awareness and empowering women. When you began your career, is this what you set out to do?

I didn’t set out with this purpose as such, it was just a natural journey for me. My mum and my sisters are all such inspiring women. My sister Lizzy has been doing some incredible work in the US for equal rights. I have always been surrounded by this very positive female influence, so if I’m able to inspire other women in some way, it is a huge honour

You’re an incredible role model to many. Does the pressure of that ever affect you?

As mentioned before, if I can inspire someone in some way, I don’t think of it as pressure, just as something very positive.

There are many incredible faces in this project with Pandora, including yourself. What’s it like working with the other Pandora Muses?

I feel very fortunate to be part of the Muses projects. They are such an amazing group and are all extremely aspirational in their own way.

What have been some of the key highlights in your career so far?

The London Olympics was a key moment for me, and my UK Vogue cover. I have also been lucky enough to work with my mum and my siblings on occasions, too, which is also really special and makes for a fun day!

Pandora is a massive advocate of celebrating the holiday spirit in style. Can you share some of your favourite childhood festive traditions?

We always spent Christmas at home in the UK during my childhood. I love decorating the tree and sometimes going to the ballet during the festive season. I also like getting involved with the cooking, too.

Georgia May Jagger Pandora

The festive season is one of unity. What are your plans for reuniting with your loved ones this year?

We are all planning to be together in the US this Christmas which will be something new and different as I am so used to being in the UK for Christmas. I’m looking forward to all spending some time together.

What are your top picks from Pandora’s Holiday collection?

I love the new Pandora Moments collection. It’s so fitting for this time of year with the celestial symbolism using the stars and sparkly motifs. I’m obsessed with the celestial sparkling stud earrings and the band of asymmetric stars ring and love the open waves and spinning globe charms, too.

What are your tips for the gifting season?

I like to give gifts that will last. Jewellery is a great way to give something personal, too, because there are so many different styles of jewellery, so there is always something for everyone and each piece has its own story. I love how jewellery can also connect us to favourite memories or moments in time

Tell us your styling tips for the holidays, especially when it comes to partywear?

I like to have fun with fashion and it’s great to dress up for festive events during the holidays. I experiment with makeup as much as with clothes and accessories, too, so I might do a smoky red eye for example and add some statement jewellery to a party look

With travelling back on everyone’s radar again, what are your top three places to travel to and on your bucket list?

I always want to go to Japan. I have been before, but I can’t wait to return to explore more. I think city breaks are fun, too, but I’m planning to go to Mexico soon. I love to be by the beach and swim in the ocean.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I am really looking forward to hopefully being able to spend time more freely with my friends and family

Last year came with its own set of challenges, how did you overcome them and what are your goals for the new year?

Last year I spent most of the time in LA, but this year I have been back home in London more. It has been great to spend time catching up with everyone. I spent time working on Bleach London projects and the launch of our LA salon, there were lots of remote shoots of course, but it’s been good to be back in the studio and on location again. Am hoping that will continue into the New Year!

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