“I believe in women, especially Arab women”

Now one of the most popular music icons in the Arab world with a huge international fanbase, Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram started her career at a very young age. Here we find out how she did it

We’ve heard that you’ve already started working on your new album, can you tell us what to expect?

That’s correct, I just started working on my new album. It has a lot of wonderful songs that I’m expecting the audience to love – so much [that I think] the songs in this album will become hits… all of them!

You’ve become one of the biggest music icons in the Middle East. In your opinion what is the key to your success?

I believe that the key to success for everyone, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, is perseverance, hard work and commitment. I’ve worked so hard and I’ve made very good choices, so I reached where I am because of people’s love and appreciation. I’m very grateful for that.

You have sung in different Arabic dialects, which one would be your favourite and why?

It’s correct I have sung in Lebanese, Egyptian & Khaleeji. Each one of these dialects has its unique characteristic, therefore I cannot choose which one I favour the most because for me they are all my favourites

How did you figure out which kind of music genre works best for you?

It’s not about choosing the kind of music that suits you best. I have sung many genres and I always try to give my audience the kind of music they love and ask for.

Nancy Ajram Emirates Woman

As a leading female Arab artist, what advice would you give to aspiring young female artists?

I believe in women, especially Arab women. I consider [us] very strong and we can achieve whatever we aspire to. Therefore my advice to all young female artist is to follow your dreams, work hard and never give up on yourself. I’m sure you can make it.

Can you tell us which of your previous albums are your favourite?

I can’t choose between my albums… they are all my babies and I have chosen every single song carefully and delicately. That’s why I love them all – I have worked very hard to produce them and I hope that my audience love and appreciate them as much as I do.

You’ve been singing since eight years old. How did you figure out that singing was the correct choice?

I have been singing since a very young age and I love doing so. I never thought that I should work in any other field as this has been my passion since the very beginning. If I was to choose any other kind of work it would be in the same field of entertainments and arts

What was the biggest obstacle that you have faced in your career?

I have faced many obstacles in my career. It was never easy, however, like anything in life, you should work hard, do your best, and wait for your results to be achieved.

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Do you have a specific timeline for when you would consider retiring?

I would consider retiring whenever I feel that I can’t present my audience  with the kind of music and level of songs that I’m offering now.

What would you consider to be your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement is where I am today. My stand and my position, together with my family and children.

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