You can blink and suddenly two years have passed. That’s what it feels like for Huda Kattan as she’s been building the super skincare brand WISHFUL for the last 24 months.

First launched in February 2020, it was the Huda Beauty CEO’s first foray into skincare, but it was an idea that was nearly two decades in the making. Having been testing products and doing DIYs on her Huda Beauty Blog – which started this whole empire – this was where her love and interest for skincare came from.

It was then a further decade of “extensive research” which then culminated in the brand we now all know as WISHFUL.

To mark the two year anniversary of the groundbreaking skincare label, Emirates Woman sat down with Huda to pick her brain about the real story behind WISHFUL, her decision to launch with an “unconventional” product and what is next for the brand.

Congratulations on two years of WISHFUL – did you imagine in such a short space of time the brand would become as big as it is?

It’s always been my dream to create simple but powerful solutions that really work and actually make a difference. I’m so grateful that a lot of people love the brand as much as I do and have found it super helpful and useful for them on their skincare journey.


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Of course, you launched the brand two years ago, but how long did you have the idea for before it came to reality?

I genuinely feel like the last 17 years of my life – testing products and creating my own DIYs for our Huda Beauty blog where it all started and navigating my skincare concerns prepared me for WISHFUL, but it took me about a decade of extensive research and meeting with the best experts in the industry to start exploring the idea of creating skincare products that are specifically targeted to my skincare problems.

We’re huge fans of the Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub. Why was this the first product you launched with?

Even though I know it was pretty unconventional starting out with an exfoliating scrub as our first product, I always knew that Yo Glow was the product that we had to launch with. Being the makeup junkie that I am, the texture of my skin is something that I’ve always been obsessed with perfecting and Yo Glow granted all of my wishes for improving my skin texture and brightness, so I knew this was something that I wanted to share with the world as soon as possible. Yo Glow has really transformed my skin and I’m so proud to see that it’s done the same for so many people.

We know this must be a difficult one to answer – but what are your three absolute hero products from Wishful?

It’s so hard to pick as I genuinely love and use every single of them, but if I had to choose, it’ll be our Clean Genie Cleansing butter, which I use every day as the first step to my double-cleanse. Our Get Even Rose Oil – I call this our miracle product, and our hero product, Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub.


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What has the journey been like to build a cult skincare brand over the last two years?

It’s definitely been challenging, starting something new is always scary but I feel so grateful that we were able to do it and even more grateful that it has been received well. Skincare is something that I’ve been passionate about forever, so it’s been super rewarding to finally get to step into a space that I’ve always been obsessed with.

It’s been a hit the globe over. In terms of consumers, what has been the most popular product?

Our Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub is literally the star of the show! There’s actually one Yo Glow sold every two minutes somewhere in the world!

What’s next for Wishful?

We’re constantly working on new things, so you’ll definitely see some new, innovative, and must-have skincare staples from us this year, so watch this space…

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