How long have you worked in this space?

I have worked here every day since we opened last April. I rarely go to my administrative office and much prefer to work at my restaurants. Canary Club is so bright, fresh and comfortable that it makes for a very inspiring space to work. The lunch bowls are super healthy which is a big plus. We also just added a car wash for lunch time guests, so my car is always shiny.

Did you have a clear concept from the outset, and which key pieces are your favourite?

We did a lot of research into 70s West Coast Californian aesthetic when designing Canary Club and tried to stay as true as we could with the earth tone colour palette, shag carpets, terracotta tiles, rattan and wicker furniture, terrazzo and creamy popcorn paint. I have a great love for chandeliers and the lotus ones at Canary all lined up are definitely my favourite.

Have you custom-built any bespoke pieces?

Yes, all the booths, service stations and tables were bespoke. We even custom-made our own floor lamps from wooden cake stands
and lamp shades made from agave fibres.

How do you think your interior reflects you/your brand?

The most important thing to me is that a place feels storied, timeless and authentic. Using natural materials that age well also make the space feel warm and lived in.

Describe your taste in three words.

Classic, bold and playful.

Swipe through for a tour inside the office of Joey Ghazal, Founder of Canary Club.

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Photography by Mark Mathew