How long have you worked in this space?

We moved into our studio in October 2020.

Did you have a clear concept from the outset, and which key pieces are your favorite?

We were building our space as business was growing and shaping. My favourite part is the overall idea of “raw” … it’s a studio where artists create, and it is full of daily “debris” of what the process of creation usually brings

Have you custom-built any bespoke pieces?

Our entire studio is custom built from the kitchen/bar space to our rainbow set dried floral bar.

How do you think your interior reflects you and your brand?

Our studio is our “happy” place where we create. It is “free” from office or retail space rules, allowing us to have no boundaries in our work. I believe freedom of expression and creative freedom, originality is what Goshá really stands for.

Describe your taste in 3 words.

Well thought out, and unique, with a touch of color.

Swipe through for a tour inside the office of Natalia Shustova, Founder of Goshá.

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Photography by Mark Mathew