The MAIA Collection’s Founder and Managing Director, Shadi Moazami, talks to Emirates Woman about her office space and how it reflects her brand.

How long have you been in this space?

We moved into our new space in mid-July.

Have you custom-built any bespoke pieces?

We worked with H2R Design (an interior design firm based in Dubai and a client of ours) to create an entirely new design for the space. Inspired by the luxury hotels and destinations we work with, we designed and curated every single item – from the custom-made desks (complete with cable management and individual cubbies), the bouclé sofa, the travertine marble flooring, the minimalist and sustainable lighting, the shelves, and pantry; every single detail and material has been well thought of – keeping the comfort and happiness of our team in mind. We also wanted to embrace the gorgeous view and light in the office, and so decided to let the space do most of the talking and have kept furniture and clutter to a minimum.

How do you think the interior buys reflect you and your brand?

MAIA is a boutique luxury PR agency, focused on hospitality, travel and design. We are never the loudest in the room, but we always aim to be the most collected, calm, and refined, allowing our quality work, integrity, and years of experience to come through. The same goes for our new space. We’ve designed a calm and clean sanctuary that allows for more creativity, self-assured energy as well as strategic counsel to come to life; something our incredible clients deserve in abundance.

Describe your taste in three words.

Minimalist, contemporary and refined.

Tap the gallery above for an exclusive tour inside.

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Photography by: Ahmed Abdelwahab