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For our cover shoot with Technogym for January’s – ‘The Confidence Issue’, we couldn’t think of anyone better to champion than Diala Makki, who is beautiful, confident and full of drive and determination.

Below, the Dubai-based journalist and TV host shares with us her health and fitness journey and how she channels inner confidence.

How do you start and finish your day for optimal health?

I start my day usually with warm water and lemon to detox before having breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. I make sure I have my green juice and multivitamins to start the day. I have cut out red meat and dairy lately, which has left an impeccable impact on my skin and has given me more energy to keep up with my very heavy work schedule. I try to maintain a specific routine during my trips. I also follow a strict skincare routine which starts with a detox mask followed by a regime that cleanses, tones and hydrates along with sunscreen before I leave home.

Do you take supplements and if so which?

I take Bioniq supplements which are personalised according to my needs and are recalculated after having regular blood work every two months.


What is the best combination of exercise to stay strong yet still look feminine?

I work closely most of the year with my trainer to make sure I exercise properly and it’s usually a combination of 10,000 steps a day, cardio and a personalised programme designed by Ivan Djordjevic, to build muscle mass but in a feminine way. I want to take this opportunity to say that like most of us we sometimes get overwhelmed with the stress of our schedules so that we tend to ignore our workouts, and this is something that I tried to take into consideration particularly during Covid to protect my immunity and overall wellbeing. It’s important to note that anxiety and stress leaves a major impact on our mental and physical wellbeing and it should not be taken lightly.

Have you found you’ve needed to change your approach to wellness at each stage of your life?

My approach to wellness revolves around making choices that fit my lifestyle and make me a better version of myself. Social media and unrealistic expectations are something I try to raise awareness of using my platforms and it’s crucial for a well-balanced physical and mental state. Being healthy reflects on your overall choices and this should be our goal. There is no such thing as an ideal body. It’s all about what makes you feel more confident, strong and empowered. I look for inspiration within myself and accept my flaws and celebrate them and this is the best approach for all women who tend to stress themselves with comparison due to all the impact of the content and misinformation social media brings along.

How do you reboot/detox in the New Year/for a special event?

Before special events, I have a routine with my dermatologist that revolves around a series of treatments from PRP, mesotherapy, profhilo and other procedures that aim at celebrating my natural beauty and the quality of my skin rather than going for easy fixes like fillers. Having a healthy lifestyle is a long process that I commit to alongside having meals that give me enough nutrients and energy for my appearance. Sleep is an important factor as well in keeping everything in balance that we all need to shine and glow. I want to emphasize the importance of mental focus and wellbeing here and knowing when to reach out to professionals when needed and this is something that I genuinely believe in and try to make less of a taboo. Reach out and ask for help when it tends to be overwhelming.


What daily wellness and training practices are non-negotiable for you – ie. They make you feel at your best and which pieces of Technogym do you invest in?

What I like about Technogym, as a brand is that it promotes the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle and being part of a community that helps you optimize the expertise of their professionals through dedicated software, from home. I was lucky enough to meet the Founder, Mr. Nerio Alessandri, who helped me understand further the mission of the brand that goes beyond using the machines only, and this of course is highly valuable. During the pandemic, I used the “Cross Personal” from the home collection and took online classes in the comfort of my house. In the past two years, this has proven to be needed more than ever. I also love and use the Bike Personal, The Wellness Ball, and The Technogym bench. I feel my best when I go for long walks to manage my stress levels and workout during the day alongside having well-balanced meals without eating in-between. I avoid eating outside the house and at events, as I believe quality ingredients and how they are cooked are crucial for me. A lot of people ask me for tricks or tips before attending these events, I always tell them to eat something healthy at home particularly before heading out to dinners!

This is The Confidence Issue – what makes you feel confident?

Confidence is a state of mind and you only reach it when you appreciate your flows and listen to your needs physically, mentally and spiritually. Don’t compare yourself to others, work constantly on becoming a better version of yourself. Embrace your natural beauty and be a source of inspiration for others by being a good example for yourself first. I have achieved this level that is needed for my work as a journalist, host and producer for years through reading, experience, and furthering my education. I recently did my second Masters, and this is something I am very proud of. It has been reflected in the quality of content I put out and during my interviews with key influential personalities from the industry.

Creative Direction: Amy Sessions
Photographer: Greg Adamski
Videographer: Joachim Guay
Production: Olivia Morris
Makeup & Hair: Melanie Meyer at MMG Artists
Fashion Assistant: Sarah Joseph
Cover Star: Diala Makki
With special thanks to Dialight Studio

January’s – ‘The Confidence Issue’ – Download Now

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Images: Supplied/Emirates Woman