A shop-in-shop has just launched at Bloomingdale’s Dubai

Roy Luwolt, the founder and artistic director of Malone Souilers speaks exclusively about the new shop-in-shop launch at Bloomingdale’s Dubai  

What can customers in the Middle East expect from your new shop-in-shop at Bloomingdales Dubai?

The new shop-in-shop immerses the customer in the world of Malone Souliers by Roy Luwolt as it is inspired by our iconic Showroom in Mayfair, London. The design concept was to create a visual medley on the eye through colour, texture, printed fabric and transparency.

Why did you decide to partner with Bloomingdale’s Dubai?


Bloomingdale’s to us has such a fantastic legacy as a department store.  The brand’s sophistication marries very well with the Malone Souliers by Roy Luwolt elegance and celebration of feminine courage of style.

Will there be any products available exclusively for the UAE market?

When designing our new collections, we always create something with the UAE market in mind. We find our Middle Eastern clients very inspiring.  Our designs have a modern femininity with a directional edge which we find is reflective of their own personal style.

The Middle Eastern consumer informs the nostalgia of luxury as it always was, slower but better, and certainly long-lasting to the worth an actual investor’s approach to each shoe. Each investment an acknowledgement of her and her inclinations, a recognition of self-esteem and ambition.

Are there any products you think will do particularly well in the local market?

Our iconic styles such as the Maureen, Imogen and Maisie have always been very popular within the market.  For this season our new styles that I can see doing very well include our new mule silhouette the Hayley which comes in a vibrant colour palette and fabrications such as green velvet, red satin and pony featuring leopard print in fuschia.  Another key style for the season is the Portia featuring bead-embroidered floral motifs across the point toe and vamp, then set on a fashion forward kitten heel.

Your new Bloomingdale’s Dubai shop-in-shop is modeled on your Mayfair showroom in London. Why did you pick to model it on this boutique, over your other stores? 

Our Mayfair Showroom is our home and where we started a mere four years ago. We wanted to share with the customer where the brand began and create an environment where they could experience that.

Do you have any further expansion plans in the region? 

We have some very exciting expansion plans occurring in the next couple of years.  Unfortunately not any that I can share yet.

What sets Malone Souilers high heels apart from other brands?

Our designs are all handcrafted in the finest skins and materials and in a truly unique and vivid palette of colourways.  Our success was in fact lent to us by the market its very self; we offer products of the highest quality at the most feasible pricing.  Also, we are often told that our heels tend to be the most comfortable one finds, the utmost testament to our insistence on architectural shoemaking.

Which celebrities have been spotted in your brand?  

We are very fortunate to have a loyal following of friends of the brand that choose to wear our brand.  Recent names have included Amandla Stenberg, Jessica Chastain, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence.  As infamous as it may be to say this, despite, the celebrated following Malone Souliers has garnered over the seasons, our business and brand have never relied on anyone other than our core consumer.

What are your best selling products?

Our iconic styles such as the Maureen, Imogen and Maisie have always been celebrated within the local market.  Other styles we have seen that have been performing really well this season at Bloomingdales include the new styles Mannie and Mara which are an evolution of the Maisie.

This article was produced in partnership with Malone Souliers. Sponsored content. Media: supplied.