Swipe through for a tour inside the home of Michele Barclay, Founder of BROWZ.

Michele Barclay, Founder of BROWZ, speaks to Emirates Woman about designing her personal space and how it reflects her personality.

How long have you been in this space?

We have lived in this home for five years now. During that time, we have re-designed it many times.

Have you custom-built any bespoke pieces?

We custom-designed our living room sofa to be extra-large and deep enough for us all to lounge in complete comfort. The kitchen sofa was also custom-built in white linen with a concrete base. The original grey tiles in the living area were changed to wooden flooring, to give a more grounding warm feel and the stairs were carpeted. We also opened the kitchen by adding in large sliding doors to enhance the natural light and bring the garden in.

How do you think the interior buys reflect you?

A Zen-like space that is minimal and flowing. White gives a sense of lightness of being and a place to fully recharge and totally switch off. The clean lines provide focus on the key pieces while providing a place to enjoy Pilates and meditation.

Describe your taste in three words.

Minimal, spacious, grounding.

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Photography: Ahmed Abdelwahab