IN PARTNERSHIP: Zeynab El-Helw has made a name for herself in the fashion industry over the years, cultivating an impressive online following under the pseudonym ‘Fashion Pirate’.

Throughout the years, El-Helw’s style has, of course, changed as she’s entered through different stages of her life from being a successful entrepreneur to then entering motherhood.

Opening up about her style journey as part of Charles & Keith’s SS21 campaign, she recalled to Emirates Woman the first defining moment in her personal style was when she was at university.

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“I went to an art school and everyone was very loud and outspoken so that gave me a chance to really embrace and discover who I am in essence,” she said.

Since then, aspects of her style have “changed immensely” due to “a lot of changes in [her] personal life”.

“I did embrace so many different styles because of the different situations I have been in,” she explained. “I was pregnant so I went for a much more relaxed kind of style.

“Before that, I was working in corporate, so I was a little more formal in my attire, so it’s been a bit of a journey but there’s been a lot of changes.”

Balancing a busy career and motherhood, this is why El-Helw always looks for versatile pieces in her wardrobe, which can be found in the Charles & Keith SS21 collection, making it easy to go from day to night or mum-mode to professional mode.

“My favourite pieces from the collection are the structured heels,” she reveals. “Simply because I feel like they can be incorporated into different styles, in different ways, and I feel a little bit formal wearing them.”

All of her hero pieces from the collection, she explains, are intertwined, making it easy and simple to create different looks with the same pieces – something we all look for when choosing an outfit.

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“There are lots of relaxed styles that I’m really into, at the same time, there are a variety of textures within the collection so you can mix and match and change looks from day and night, which is really what we need,” she said. “We’re always on the go, which is great as well. We have that opportunity to play a little bit.”

This is the exact style mantra El-Helw has followed from the get-go and perfectly embodies the Charles & Keith SS21 collection – own the pieces you are wearing and be comfortable in who you are.

“When it comes to my personal style, I just simply believe in owning what you wear,” the content creator said. “Just be as comfortable as you can, there really is no right or wrong. I think it’s really how you come across by just being super confident.”

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