It’s no secret that here at EW we love our shoes. Shiny brogues, strappy stilettos, rugged biker boots…we’ll admit to owning a fair few pairs. In fact, one EW staffer is so partial to her fancy footwear, she’s had to convert her second bedroom into a shoe room!

Now usually we don’t play favourites with our closets, but when it comes to the shoe stakes, our Louboutins hold the prized spot.

Our love of Mr Louboutin is loyal and unwavering, and not just because of the glossy red sole, which, let’s face, does make them even more coveted, but because he makes the most fabulous, flattering and comfortable heels we’ve found.

The downside? The price tag usually comes with a few more zeros than our bank balances permit.

Shop Christian Louboutin at Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall and online here