The Emirates Woman team are a mixed bag when it comes to working out. Some wouldn’t go a week without hitting Flywheel hard, others lean towards a relaxing hour of yoga or there’s the girl (we mention no names) who’s idea of exercise is skipping for her morning latte.

Whatever the fitness level, we all admit to treating our bodies to a pleasant jog from time to time, so this week we called upon five EW ladies to reveal what tune motivates them the most when wearing their Nike Air Max’s.

Senior Editor Sophia Serin – Rihanna, Where Have You Been

“As I run in the early hours of the morning, I need some serious inspiration and Rihanna does it every time”

Style Editor Jade Sprowson – The Smiths, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

My exercise tracks vary from Bloc Party to house tunes, however my ultimate running song is this uplifting Smith’s number – when jogging, it helps keep my pace steady, perfect for when I’m marathon training.”

Beauty Editor Elizabeth Whiston-Dew – Michael Jackson, Beat It

I can’t help but move and sing along to this song. Just thinking about the amazing dance routines in the video inspires me to keep on pounding the pavements.”

Assistant Online Editor Annah Cuthbert – Slipknot, Psychosocial

“On the odd occasion I venture to the gym, I’ll put this heavy metal track on repeat. The super hard and fast beat motivates me to run quicker and push myself harder.”

Fashion and Beauty Assistant  Alexandra Venison – Avicci, I Could Be The One

“Right from the start it has a great tempo, heavy beats and intense drops to keep my running pace up and to keep me going!”