Moby is back after a two-year album hiatus and we’re loving his latest tune. 

A Case for Shame is the official single for the album, which sees Moby collaborating with various artists, including Mark Lanegan and Skylar Grey.

This track features London-based Canadian singer, working under the moniker, Cold Specks, who also sings on the track Tell Me.

Cold Specks offers very moving vocals to the somewhat melancholic lyrics, eerily masked figures and a submerged Moby. The video has a seventies home-video feel and was directed by Moby himself in his own back yard.  

“It’s certainly not a big, commercial video… it’s an experimental video, inspired by some of my early heroes of experimental film, like Jack Smith (who also inspired Fellini and Andy Warhol” he explained.

Moby’s new album Innocents is marked for release this month.

We hope it eases you into the week, enjoy.