EW Manifest, Sophia Serin, ramadan wear

Team EW reveal how to dressing modestly to the office during the Holy Month with this guide to Ramadan fashion.

IN THE BAG – Sophia Serin, Group Editor (pictured above)

During Ramadan, my schedule changes more than my wardrobe. Traditionally, my meetings happen in the evening, and I attend Iftars directly from the office. Having a wardrobe that can take me from my desk to dinner is imperative and this bag does exactly that. It’s big enough for all my work bits but chic enough to put atop my favourite table at La Cantine.

La Capucines bag, Dhs21,200 Louis Vuitton

THE COVER(UP) GIRL – Alexandria Gouveia, Online Editor

EW Manifest, Alexandria Gouveia, ramadan wear

I struggle with androgynous wear. While I love a fitted blazer the trend often doesn’t suit me, which is why I adore this waterfall jacket from Deborah Henning. Not only is the material super-soft (I could seriously stroke it all day) but the style is flattering with a modern edge. I’ll be using it to cover my shoulders and arms way past Ramadan.

Stand Aside Jacket Dhs1,150 Deborah Henning available at IF Boutique

UP MY SLEEVE – Lyndsey Steven, Associate Editor

EW Manifest, Lyndsey Stevens, ramadan wear

I can never pull off a pashmina in the same effortless way that Arabic and French women can, so when it comes to having something handy for covering up shoulders (and legs) during the Holy Month, the pretty Kimona Wraps by Ayaso Boutique are an elegant alternative – a fantastic east meets west creation that will also protect you year round from the UAE’s fierce AC.

Lemon Sherbert Kimona Wrap Dhs275 Ayaso Boutique


MIDDLE GROUND – Jade Sprowson, Style Director

EW Manifest, Jade Sprowson, ramadan wear

I feel like I’m always bleating on about the midi skirt, but for me it’s the fashion staple that won’t disappear. My love affair began when I landed in Dubai two-and-a-half years ago and is still going strong. All Things Mochi just intensifies my fondness with this embroidered ankle-length skirt fresh from the latest Uzbekistan collection.

Skirt Dhs1,700 allthingsmochi.com 

LACE IS MORE – Olivia Phillips, Fashion Features Editor

EW Manifest, Olivia Phillips, ramadan wear

Demure isn’t exactly my middle name, so during Ramadan bidding a temporary adieu to my shoulders and knees can be tricky. This year, though, I’m thinking of it more like a style challenge in which the fancy midi-skirt will become my MVP. House of Holland’s crochet skirt is ideal – elegant yet fun at the same time. A bit (ahem) like me.

Skirt Dhs1,333 House of Holland available at net-a-porter.com

TO THE MAX – Carmel Gill, Stylist

EW Manifest, Carmel Gill, ramadan wear

Being a petite girl, 5ft 3ins to be exact, I pretty much run a mile whenever I hear the word ‘maxi’. Old fashion folklore suggests that short girls can’t wear floor-grazing anything, but when this out-of-this-world Alice Temperley number landed on my desk I knew I had to make it work for Ramadan. Let’s just say it’s nothing a pair of platform heels couldn’t sort out.

Dress Dhs22,990 Alice Temperley