EW Manifest

Ever on the lookout, Team EW brings you the pieces that guarantee airport chic.

BEHIND THE GLASS — Sophia Serin, Group Editor (pictured above)

Larry David famously said: “You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and (insert profanity here).” Sorry Larry but I am one of those people.

In the summer, especially on holiday, you will rarely see me without shades covering my peepers. I have been known to travel with up to 10 pairs, but with these new lovelies in my life, that number will definitely be halved.

Sunglasses Dhs1,500 L.G.R available from Perfect Vision and Perfect Collection in the Wafi Mall and Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall


BAG(GAGE) LADY — Alexandria Gouveia, Online Editor

EW Manifest

There’s nothing I hate more when travelling than people with numerous pieces of hand luggage holding you up when boarding. I like to keep my carry-on streamlined: wallet, phone charger, make-up, Kobo Auro tablet (containing hundreds of my books) and a change of clothes. This Bric’s holdall not only fits all my bits and pieces, it’s also one hell of a stylish bag. Win/win!

Bojola Holdall bag Dhs2,025 Bric’s, Kobo Aura Dhs379 at leading electronic stores

CARRIED AWAY — Jade Sprowson, Style Director

EW Manifest

Airport panic averted as Tod’s new Cape bag comes into play. Gone are the days of my passport getting lost in the deep, dark depths of my tote; the perforated floral pattern allows light to pour in whilst the pull-apart magnetic sides enable easy rummaging through all my carry-on necessities. Looks like I’ll be waxing lyrical about this bag all the way to Nice…

Cape Bag Dhs7,670 Tod’s


TRACK STAR — Olivia Phillips, Fashion Features Editor

EW Manifest

The only (and I mean ONLY) way you’ll get me into a pair of tracksuit bottoms is if they’ve got a designer label attached. Who better, then, than kings of the jet-set, Missoni, to design my ideal travel trouser. Comfortable, chic and the perfect partner to my other airport companion – a lightweight leather biker from The Kooples.

Tracksuit bottoms Dhs4,280 Missoni, Leather jacket Dhs2,970 The Kooples


READ BETWEEN THE LINES — Carmel Gill, Stylist

EW Manifest

I’m one of those really annoying people to travel with. My fear of flying means I’m a constant fidget that never sleeps. In my hand luggage then is an assortment of gadgets (Frends headphones and an i-Pad always), sweets (bags of Haribo) and books to keep my mind occupied for the long haul. Alongside a copy of the latest EW mag (obviously) you’ll find Caroline de Maigret’s How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are.

Book Dhs99 available at Book World by Kinokuniya, The Dubai Mall