As girl crushes go, Mila Kunis is way up there for us. Smart, funny, talented and so gorgeous it’s distracting, she also happens to be really nice too, with some refreshingly smart ideas about life… 

In between acting and looking after her new baby daughter, Wyatt, she’s also a spokesperson for ethical mining company Gemfields – something very close to her heart. We spoke to the newly-wed star (she married Ashton Kutcher on July Fourth weekend) about motherhood, integrity and how she feels to be called a role model…

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You were a spokesperson for Gemfields before giving birth to Wyatt last September. Has being a mum changed your perspective on ethical mining and leaving a better world for her? 

I don’t think my view on ethical mining has changed as it was always important to me that the environment was appreciated, as is the country and the culture. Gemfields are wonderful as not only are they an incredibly transparent company but they really give back to the environment.

So being in the public eye, do you feel you have more pressure to set a good example?

No, I never look at it like that. I think there’s a lot of pressure people put on themselves. I really do believe in these things, and not because I’m in the public eye. I always believe I need to be truly honest with myself. Changing who you are for anyone will catch up with you one day – just be the best of who you are.

Fabergé Devotion Ruby Ring

Fabergé Devotion Ruby Ring

But, as a celebrity, do you not feel that you are somewhat of a role model?

I really don’t. I don’t think I’m young enough to be a teen role model and I’m not old enough to be looked up to. There are still people I look up to as my role models and I’m very much still learning in my own life and figuring out exactly who I am. So I wouldn’t say, ‘hey kids, look up to me!’. I believe people make mistakes and they learn from them and move on and become better. I don’t ever want people to look up to me and say I’m perfect, or do as I do, because that’s not reality.

So, who do you look up to?

Not specifically one human being, but there are a lot of people I admire. I think some people put others on a pedestal and make them super-human, but I think there are qualities about people that you can admire and qualities about people that you’d want to learn and embody. There are multiple role models in my life and most of them I work with, so I surround myself with them on a daily basis.

Fabergé Emotion Gypsy Ruby Bangle

Fabergé Emotion Gypsy Ruby Bangle

Let’s talk about fashion; is it a priority for you or just a happy by-product of being an actress?

It wasn’t until maybe five or six years ago that I learned to really appreciate it. For me it’s something I’d never really thought about, but in my mid-twenties I thought I should start personally paying a bit more attention. But in reality, I just hired someone who likes it more than I do and then I learned from them.

What are the key things you have learned from working with a stylist? 

From observation I think just because it looks pretty on a hanger doesn’t mean it’s going to look pretty on you, and vice versa. As long as you feel great, that’s all that matters. Everything falls into place from there.

Gyan for Gemfields Earrings

Gyan for Gemfields Earrings

What about jewellery; obviously it’s something very sentimental… 

I have a few jewellery pieces that hold value to me. I have some rings that my grandmother has given me over time that hold the most value. My mum also gave me her earrings, which she used to wear when she was a baby. Also my engagement ring.

You designed a motherhood ring with Gemfields; have you ever thought about any other elements of design?

That was my first time designing something. It was very fun but you won’t find me designing clothes any time soon. Maybe another ring or two.

What’s the biggest difference you’ve found in your everyday style since becoming a mum?

My everyday style has always been pretty laidback – even before the baby – and now it’s pretty much the same. Only you don’t go out as much and between changing the nappies and wiping the vomit out of your hair, you don’t have much time for deciding what outfit you should wear. You just grab what you can see. That’s pretty much what my life is like now. Just grabbing whatever is clean.

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