Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

This morning we are all waking up to the glorious New Moon in Cancer, where she is at her happiest until just before dawn on July 1.

We won’t see it, of course, as the moon sits in her shadow but you will feel this lunation, she is making sure women are being noticed. She asks us to be more receptive, caring, sensitive and loving toward others. Cancerians are famous for synchronising their moods to the waning and waxing of the Moon.

Although we may feel empowered, we can also expect to feel a bit like our fair Moon Maidens, moodier. It seems whatever you have to say may not be taken seriously. This is inflaming things for you as it relates to your value system. It begs the question: what will be revealed by the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13?

Cancers will be in the thick of it, our mystical Scorpio friends will be keeping a low profile knowing it was all going to kick off (and probably started this whole quagmire), Pisces tried to tell you so, and Aquarians, Taurus and Gemini gals can expect to fair best. Good luck everyone else, see you on the other side. Show us what you’re made of!

Cancer rules breasts, the stomach and motherhood – those matters will be highlighted and at the forefront, particularly this week. Women may even seek you out in your home for advice, which will affect them long-term.

Did you know women can be unusually fertile during the New Moon in Cancer if your moon cycle is in sync with her?

It appears a partner or beau is very encouraging of what you’re doing in and around work; you may even be travelling overseas or committing to higher education. An intelligent foreigner can easily fall for you (your accent or popularity); luckily, they admire your selflessness and kindness to others.

Are you putting yourself first for a change? You will score more points if you. Hopefully, you are chasing your dreams, working in the public eye, or an area related to women. The New Moon favours those in media, writing, academia, charity work and law.

One precursor is to be wary of quick results and those you cannot intuitively or entirely trust. You may feel someone is trying to dent your image. Perhaps you are insecure generally; either way, diplomacy will win the day; keep your thoughts and hearsay to yourself. You’re better off hanging out with those who believe in you.

By the end of the week, you may be bent on revenge. Is someone attacking you for something you strongly believe in? Again, you would be wise to keep any drama totally separate from your work life.

Thank goodness, by July 7, you will be back on track again. Keep a low profile as your psychic energy is a bit wired right now. You don’t want someone calling you crazy, right?

Let the spirits flow through you until the Full Moon in Capricorn rolls around mid-July. You will look back and realise you were more emotionally capable and far wiser than you believed and the Universe had your back. Power-up, ladies.

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Feature image: Instagram @yana.potter.art