Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

The New Moon in Leo is joining the Sun in Leo on July 28. These two mighty luminaries usually shine bright, but this year they have Jupiter and Saturn taking the lustre out of things who are now retrograde until November 23. They are putting a more serious light on things for you.

During Leo season, most of us are happy, enthusiastic, and looking forward to some fun but planetary aspects this time show you will be more introspective and suspicious than usual. You could also be more opinionated and argumentative. Or are you just nervous or in a bad mood? You may be more likely to find fault with others; I’m sure you will blame the often powerful and authoritative energies Leo can sometimes unleash. Until July 30 expect to feel more sensitive than usual, you can put that down to ego.

Over the past two weeks, expansive Jupiter has already weighed in on your situation. He is concerned. Has someone been talking behind your back and putting you down at work? Try to let things slide. They’re simply struggling to find a deeper connection with themselves or feeling jealous you’re more loved. Their ideas seem to be lacking compared to yours, or they don’t do the work to warrant the limelight or position they hold.

By Monday, August 1, you will hardly care, although you may feel a deep need to be treated fairly and justly. Exhibit caution or hesitation around what you have heard. Can you trust the grapevine? If you challenge the situation, they will appear dismissive or in denial. Soon enough, you will realise those talking down about you are too risk-averse to get to where they think they should be. Keep your counsel and worry about yourself.

A democratic Saturn has been somewhat inhibited since going into retrograde in early June. He is also asking you to rein things in a little. Can you strike a balance?

The New Moon in Leo wants you to go back over your thoughts, plans and behaviours. What are you planning to do in the future? It needs to be robust and stand the test of time, considering every situation. I bet you’d rather be focused on a vacation.

To add to the mix, watch for legal matters that might take an unexpected and unpleasant turn as another attacks your reputation or questions your arrogance. You’d be wise to choose your battles carefully. Spend time in solitude to understand how to navigate a current situation; you must be ingenious; tried and true ways will not work.

You must have a system in place for nurturing yourself when navigating and negating the inevitable and unexpected. There is no point in dissing, disagreeing or staying stuck in a situation. Do you get your way based on control and manipulation? Tsk. Tsk.

Saturn returns to his old self when he goes direct on October 23. Any past mistakes will have been carefully reviewed and analysed; you won’t be making them again. Expect things to move swiftly ahead for you once Jupiter joins him in direct motion on November 23.

Check your birth chart; what house Saturn and Jupiter are retrograding for you? They will be the big topics that affect you personally. The Moon is moving swiftly through the zodiac every 2.5 days, so don’t be surprised if your emotions are all over the place whilst the bigger picture is being worked out.

By the Full Moon on August 11, you remain wary of the more ruthless, but how about turning the spotlight on yourself for a change? The challenge is to honour yourself. By then, expect the wisened to be counting their blessings.

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Images: Yana Potter Art Instagram