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Piercings are dazzling way to showcase you personality, and over the past few years methods and positioning of piercings have developed so much that most places can now offer bespoke advice and application.

Celebrity piercer Maria Tash is household name, and is responsible for taking the humble ear piecing to a couture level thanks to her innovative work with diamonds. She also makes sure that her team is thoroughly trained and are able to place each piercing in such a way that it compliments the persons features.



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We were impressed by the surgical approach to getting our piercings at Maria Tash in the Dubai Mall, after all you are breaking skin tissue and a piercing is something that you will have forever. There are several things you need to consider when you get your next bit of sparkle

  • If where you want is possible as our bodies are all different
  • The healing process and time – some piercings can take up to a year to heal
  • Aftercare – don’t leave without knowing exactly how to look after your piercing
  • Places like Maria Tash can help you curate your year, so even if you get one done on the day, make sure to let them know what you’re thinking of doing next so they can position your new piercing correctly

Below, we have listed some of the best places in Dubai for piercings


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Maria Tash, The Dubai Mall

Kyra, Gold & Diamond Park

Confident Dental & Skin Care Clinic Century Plaza, Jumeirah

Armada Medical Centre


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Seema Aesthetics. Synergy Integrates, Al Wasl Road

Aster Clinic

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