With Dubai always known to aim for the stars, the emirate has its eyes on a Lunar resort addition aimed to welcome tourists and astronauts.

Known as Moon Dubai, this destination resort project aims to give visitors a soaring experience of what it is to be in space without leaving the earth’s orbit.

This sphere-shaped project, which is estimated to cost around $5 billion (Dhs18 billion), is said to total 735 metres in height and will need at least 48 months to complete once approval is given. Featuring approximately 300 private luxury residential units and training facilities for leading astronauts, the resort is another step for the UAE into space exploration.

The Moon-shaped structure will allow visitors to experience zero gravity, walk on a lunar surface or even ride in a rover and will also feature a spa and wellness section, a nightclub event centre, a global meeting place, a lounge and an in-house moon shuttle.

Further details will be revealed closer to the project completion.

To display renderings of the resort in the heart of Downtown, Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR) has shared a series of images for the UAE to know what this awe-inspiring resort will look like once finished.

Spearheaded by entrepreneurs Michael Henderson and Sandra Matthews, the facility claims it’s able to accommodate around 10 million visitors annually.

With plans for further expansion, the company is seeking a license for four more potential locations in America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Operating under the tagline “because you’ve been everywhere else”, this enticing new resort ensures visitors embrace a zero-gravity experience from the moment they enter.

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Images: Moon World Resorts Instagram