Words by Kirstyn Lewis. 

Are you feeling all fired up with no place to go? As we lead into the Black (New Moon) in Gemini on 30 May the stars are reminding you that before you start something new, first you need to prepare for it. The Black Moon is the second New Moon in May so signals a complete change in perspective and you’re ready.

Helping you out is energetic Mars making an exact aspect to the giver of gifts, Jupiter, something that only happens every two years. Aries excites them so much that they may easily ignite some quite ardent and uncontrollable sexual desire. Watch, however, for irritability and tempestuous petulant outbursts.

On the flip side, Mars wants you to be successful and Jupiter is doubling down, shoulder to shoulder in the house of good fortune. What you want can be yours if your energy is channelled correctly.

This all happens, very conveniently, on the eve of the New Moon in Gemini, 29 May. Are you finalising a plan that may take you away from your current situation or your usual group of friends? It’s somewhere where you can truly shine, or at least catch up on endless animated stories and belly laughs at the expense of what you left behind. Wherever you are is either a result of a long-awaited journey or something related to a dream job, one that helps you find your fortune. Everything will come together but is not quite there yet. Mercury needs to station direct on June 3, he is still retrograding through Taurus helping you pay closer attention to whatever it is you are working on. Expect results from 5 June onward.

A new chapter lies ahead as you say goodbye to the past ten years. What you wanted back in 2012, you don’t anymore. You’ve learned a lot and know there isn’t anything you can’t handle moving forward. The Universe asks you to believe in yourself as the Full Moon appears in Sagittarius, on 14 June. Someone you love could well be watching from the sidelines cheering you on.

The current waning moon leading up to the New Moon is a wise one that is slowing down the rapid speed at which you likely fell into your new relationship. This lunation wants to talk about the next step in a commitment. It’s a go-slow on the love talk – you need more time but “Shotgun Weddings” are not out of the question either! It suggests you need to come to terms with the more undesirable aspects of your match. Next month is the time to have a more productive conversation about what bothers you.

if you’re living in a fantasy world and stuck in a ‘not going anywhere’ situation, let things fall away. You seem to be making a last-ditch effort to hang on to the familiar, past behaviours that get you the same as before. Otherwise, you’d already be where you wanted to go.

New relationships look to have the green light from friends, but a secret underlying tension exists as you ponder your future together. You are not ready for any about turns or changes of heart now that you are fixated firmly on your beau. You need to steer this thing and make sure it survives the distance!

Are you already committed? Spice up your relationship and treat yourself to a short, unplanned, and relaxing break away. If you can’t escape, enjoy Gold Class at a blockbuster film or go to a concert together. Even a sports event will have you both cheering or swapping banter with the crowd. Your mission is to do something different, you will love your time together.

Gemini can now be the star of their show, they’re been in hiding or locked away. They are now ready to fully express their opinions, but it may just be another ‘fly by night’ conversation that they will soon forget. Gemini is best to avoid dispensing potentially insensitive advice that they may regret before the week is over. News travels fast amongst friends.

Poor Cancer may feel they’ve been left out of the fun, but don’t worry everyone loves you. Scorpions are operating very happily under the radar, just know we don’t need to know what they’re up to.

The big winner looks to be a chilled Taurus, who is rolling with the punches, Pisces are in dreamland and so floating along and Capricorn is also in good shape, neither looking for love nor money, they confidently have it all together, for the moment anyway. Okay, so they are not a quintessential bucket of fun for the rest of the zodiac, but he who laughs last laughs loudest.

Virgo remains more cautious than ever, are they waiting for yet another left of centre, didn’t see it coming, but secretly did, surprise? It’s fine, they are ready for anything. Cool, calm Aquarians remain, as per usual, in control, just don’t ask any questions whilst they beaver away at something that is bound to have people talking. Brilliance takes time, so don’t rush them. Leo, Libra and Sagittarius can just sit back with some popcorn and watch from the sidelines for the moment. Your time is coming.

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Feature Image: Instagram @yana.potter.net