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Dr. Paul Nassif Facial Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonFacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon – Nassif M.D, Beverly Hills

Dr Paul Nassif

Which invasive beauty treatments do you work with?

We have expanded our comprehensive treatment offerings to encompass a full spectrum of services designed to address a wide range of aesthetic concerns and medical needs across the body. Our services span from procedures such fillers, Botox treatments, various laser treatments, and chemical peels, to a comprehensive array of invasive procedures.Within the realm of facial rejuvenation, our expertise covers an extensive range of options which includes the deep plane face and neck lift, eye surgery, brow surgery, and various nose-related procedures. Additionally, we have integrated a team of accomplished physicians who specialise in holistic full-body treatments. Our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution to our patients’ needs is underscored by the fact that many individuals who initially seek our services for specific concerns, such as nasal aesthetics, often find themselves opting for additional procedures, including brow and facial enhancements. This trend is not uncommon, as our patients recognise the transformative potential of addressing both facial and bodily aging concerns.

Could you expound upon your philosophy and approach to facial balance?

In the realm of facial aesthetics, the concept of achieving perfect facial symmetry remains a prevailing aspiration. However, it is essential to recognise that natural facial asymmetry is a common occurrence. Upon close examination, it becomes evident that one side of an individual’s face is often subtly different in length or proportion than the other. While this inherent facial asymmetry may introduce disharmony, our approach focuses on optimising and enhancing facial balance, striving for the highest degree of symmetry attainable.

Which procedure continues to drive most interest?

The most sought-after treatments in our clinic presently involve a combined approach that includes first-time rhinoplasty and deep-plane face and neck lifts. This comprehensive procedure has garnered considerable interest and acclaim among our discerning clientele. Presently, an intriguing trend has emerged within our practice, as an increasing number of patients from Beverly Hills are seeking treatment options in Beverly Hills with the intention of subsequently returning to Dubai. This noteworthy shift in patient demographics is characterized by a significant rise in individuals seeking primary procedures, particularly in the context of rhinoplasty. This development is truly remarkable. It is noteworthy that we are witnessing a shift in the landscape of rhinoplasty procedures, with a growing emphasis on achieving more natural-looking results. Simultaneously, procedures like lip enhancement and lip lifts are gaining popularity, and we have observed a surge in demand for deep-plane facelifts among women in the region.

In the context of both pre- and post-treatment care, can you expand on what protocol support the best results?

In the context of both pre- and post-treatment care, I would like to provide a detailed overview of the recommended protocols and precautions. For pre-treatment preparations, our primary concern is ensuring the patient’s overall health and safety. We insist on a comprehensive medical clearance to assess their fitness for surgery. Additionally, we encourage patients to embark on a preparatory regimen at least a month prior to the procedure. This regimen typically includes the utilisation of our specialized NASFMD skincare products to enhance skin quality through exfoliation and hydration. To further optimize their condition, we recommend sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.Following the procedure, our post-therapy care is designed to expedite the healing process and enhance the outcomes. This entails a range of supportive measures, including ultrasound treatments, LED light therapy, intravenous (IV) therapy, additional sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and adherence to a dedicated skincare routine. Moreover, we emphasise the importance of maintaining a well-balanced protein-rich diet, consistent sunscreen application, and engaging in regular, moderate physical activity. These components collectively contribute to a smoother and more effective recovery.

Dr Michael Apa
Founder – Apa Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Apa

Which invasive beauty treatments do you work with?

Apa Aesthetic’s mission is to take dentistry from need-based to want-based, and we’re doing it. Patients come to us because they want to improve their smile. Now, what it takes to achieve that desired improvement is different from patient to patient. For some, a whitening treatment or ortho is enough. For others, it’s more involved. (I prefer “involved” to “invasive”). Veneers are the ultimate solution to achieving your best smile and the benefits are not just cosmetic. When done correctly, veneers fight aging, improve function and, of course, enhance overall appearance. For someone with tooth-insecurity, a smile makeover is a deeply powerful thing. Two 3-hour appointments deliver life-changing results. It sounds dramatic, but I’ve seen first-hand just how transformative a smile makeover really is. When people hear “veneers” they can think over-drilled teeth and, while that’s not our formula, it is a mental hurdle that we have to help some patients, and really the general public, overcome. Many patients want to know how much tooth structure will be removed in the smile makeover process. The reality is, much less than you think, and sometimes none at all. It depends on the original tooth position and overall goals. It’s a very precise process and we always strive to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Educating patients and potential new patients is critical to overcoming stereotypes that are incorrectly defining dentistry.

Which procedure continues to drive most interest?

For people who want to transform their smile, veneers are the ultimate solution and there is a lot of demand in the region. In the cosmetic world, there will always be trending procedures, but I’ve dedicated my career to natural aesthetics. Patients who come to me are coming because they identify with my signature style – dental restorations that look, feel and function like natural teeth. Any great smile has asymmetries – slight ones – that balance the asymmetries of the face. It’s the complete picture that creates a beautiful smile. Seeing the full picture and bringing it to life has always been what excites me. Interestingly, I think natural aesthetics are finally “trending” and people are waking up to the dangers of striving for filtered perfection. The Smile Makeovers are our hero treatment.

In the context of both pre- and post-treatment care, can you expand on what protocol support the best results?

After teeth whitening, don’t eat or drink anything that would stain a white t-shirt for 48 hours. Placing veneers is both a cosmetic and functional procedure. If the bite is comfortable, the restoration is sealed and the patient takes good care of their teeth – brushing, flossing, getting professional cleanings every 4 to 6 months – there are no special do’s and don’ts. Restored teeth can be treated just like natural teeth.

Dr. Amir Nasseri
Medical Director & Managing Partner – FAYY Health


Which invasive beauty treatments do you work with?

Invasive treatments are performed with surgical instruments and can be minimally invasive with smaller incisions, like our breast centre biopsies, or more invasive in the case of major operations. In an invasive treatment, incisions are made to perform the procedure. Essentially, anything that punctures or breaks the skin can be considered an invasive treatment.

Which procedure continues to drive most interest?

Global demand for surgical cosmetic and non-surgical aesthetic procedures has increased by almost forty percent since the COVID pandemic. The Middle East has experienced a similar rise in the number of procedures, particularly with breast augmentations, liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and face lifts. These enhancements are done to improve self-confidence and body image, whether it be for elective or reconstructive purposes, such as with a patient who has undergone breast cancer treatment or revisions for previous cosmetic procedures. It’s important to go to a skilled practice, which is what we pride ourselves on at FAYY Health, to correct what was not done properly or to a patient’s liking the first time around. This is commonly the case with procedures like revision rhinoplasties, which has seen a rise for men as well.

One of the most popular treatments is Profound. We have seen incredible results at FAYY Health and are overjoyed by the satisfaction of our patients who have undergone this treatment. Profound aims to stimulate collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production utilising radiofrequency (RF) micro needling. It’s non-surgical and only needs one treatment, other than possible touch ups. Numbing cream is applied, micro needles are inserted at various desired depths, and RF energy is delivered under physician supervision. Our Profound device uses a sophisticated cooling mechanism to achieve smoother texture and firmer skin. Recovery time is minimal to less than a week and best results are obtained at 3-6 months with a natural enhancement of your beauty.

In the context of both pre- and post-treatment care, can you expand on what protocol support the best results?

General guidelines to avoid prior to treatments are smoking for at least a few weeks before and after operations, overexposure to sun to allow for maximum healing of skin about two weeks pre and post operations. Fasting as dictated by your operating surgeon and anesthesiologists. Also, Medication restrictions as many drugs such as NSAIDs and blood thinners can increase bleeding risks intraoperatively. Post operative to do list include physical activity restrictions on heavy lifting and strenuous exercise but ample exercise as guided by your surgeon. Medication use as instructed to reduce risk of blood clots, bruising, pain and assist with healing phase. Follow up appointments to monitor progress, healing and early detection and treatment of unwanted side effects.

Dr. Waseem Bakkour
Dermatologist and Laser Cosmetic Surgeon – Skin Experts Polyclinic

Skin Expert

Which invasive beauty treatments do you work with?

Invasive treatments are used in aesthetic medicine to enhance someone’s appearance and correct certain imperfections. They can either be fully invasive, usually surgery such as a face lift or minimally invasive such as injectables like fillers or laser.

Which procedure continues to drive most interest?

In terms of fully invasive treatments breast augmentation and liposuction are the most popular in the region. However, when it comes to minimally invasive cosmetic treatments then Botox and fillers are the most popular, followed by rejuvenating machines like laser treatments and microneedling radiofrequency.

My favourite treatments are lasers and fillers. This allows me to enhance the quality of the skin and shape of the face.

In the context of both pre- and post-treatment care, can you expand on what protocol support the best results?

This principally depends on the type of treatment, however, there is general common advice that applies to all cosmetic procedures like avoiding excessive sun exposure, any blood thinning medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen, and avoiding vigorous exercise. We also advise patients to follow their doctor’s instructions by using their sunblock regularly and to their doctor immediately if they have any concerns.

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