The binging never stops!

With October kicking off, we can’t help but be in a Halloween mood and what better way to celebrate than by watching Halloween themed movies! But that is not all, as a new month approaches, Netflix will be releasing a new set of shows and movies, meaning we have a lot more to watch this month.

So, here is what is coming to Netflix in October. Get your popcorn ready and prepare for some major bingeing.

Peaky Blinders (Season 5)

Release date: 4 October
The fifth season of the highly-acclaimed BBC series is expected to hit Netflix soon. Peaky Blinders is a British crime-drama is set in Birmingham, England, and follows the exploits of the Shelby crime family in the aftermath of World War I. So what to expect from season five? It will be set in 1929, and will show the Shelbys deal with the fall-out of the Wall Street Crash. The previously dispersed Shelbys will be brought back together to deal with the implications of this. Meanwhile, Tommy, the gang leader embraces the political life as the Labour MP for Birmingham South.

Baby (Season 2)

Release date: 18 October
Netflix’s teen drama is returning for its second season. Series lead, Chiara and Ludovica find their lives spinning out of control as they navigate relationships, high school dramas and new corners of Rome’s underworld.

Haunted (Season 2)

Release date: 11 October
Just in time for Halloween, this paranormal series is returning for season two. The anthology series focuses on horror stories in which individuals or groups of people talk about their paranormal experience.

Living With Yourself

Release date: 18 October
There is nothing that we love more than a new series coming to Netflix and this one stars Paul Rudd, so double the win. Living with yourself follows the story of a man, who after undergoing a mysterious treatment that promises him the allure of a better life, later discovers that he has been replaced by a doppelgänger.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Release date: 11 October
Breaking Bad fans are finally going to reunite with Jesse Pinkman, getting the closure they deserve. The film is set after the series finale “Felina”, and follows Jesse as he pursues freedom after escaping from his captors while being hunted by law enforcement officers.



Release date: 18 October 

The Indian film tells the story of a bromance about three college graduates from small-town India, captivated by the startup mania sweeping the country. As they enter the rollercoaster startup ecosystem of big dreams, big money and bigger sharks, they are faced with a big choice – their dreams, or their friendship.

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