It’s rare to say an event is once in a lifetime, but something is occurring today – December 21, 2020 – that hasn’t happened in 800 years.

As today marks the first day of winter, this year is also marking a rare ‘Christmas Star’ being visit for the first time in eight centuries where two of the biggest planets in the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn will perfect align.

According to NASA, the two planets do align closely once every 20 years, but haven’t aligned this closely in 400 years and it hasn’t been visible at night in double that amount of time.

This close alignment of the planets also has a big effect in the world of astrology.

With these two planets lining up almost exactly, this will cause the energies of Saturn and Jupiter overlap and cause seismic shifts, which is known as ‘The Great Conjunction’. Such a powerful shift in cosmic energy, for those who are immersed in the world of astrology, means it’s time to make some affirmations that you have for your life. And after the difficult year 2020 has been we could all use a little positivity to focus on as the year draws to a close.

If you’re in the UAE and hoping to see the bright point, the ‘Christmas Star’ is set to appear at some point in the early evening.

Make sure you take the opportunity to try and spot this once-in-a-lifetime star.

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Feature Image: Unsplash