Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Estelle is returning to the UAE on November 22 and 23 at Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi as part of the Grand Prix weekend after-parties. Ahead of her much anticipated performance we managed to grab a few brief minutes with the British singer – most famous for her American Boy single featuring Kanye West – getting her to divulge in some valuable life lessons.

It’s always an honour perform in Abu Dhabi. This time I’m coming after the Singapore Grand Prix and I’m excited to see what happens.

My fourth album True Romance is very real.  It focuses on the in-between. The period in life when you’re not quite married by trying to be happy with yourself. Each song, as with all my albums, is very real.

I think there is good music in every country. As an artist I get to travel to many exciting places across the globe and I have learned that while the culture dictates the popularity of the music, each country has its own classics.

I haven’t experienced the greatest part in my journey to success yet. I don’t think that I’ve hit it yet. I keep trying to do greater and greater, day after day.

Getting perspective is my biggest hurdle. I need to keep reminding myself to step out of the way and pray.

My life is divinely orchestrated and will always go for the good even if it looks bad right now.

Pray and be graceful. Always. Is the greatest  advice I’ve ever been given.

Rude and inconsiderate people are my  biggest pet peeve.

Thinking four steps ahead at all times versus being in the moment – that is my worst habit.

I have two style icons who are individual and unique – Bianca Jagger and Iman.

Style means the way you wear something not the price or the trend.


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