In this series of exclusive interviews, Emirates Woman talks to the three incredible female figures that star in the Estée Lauder’s “Together We Shine” campaign.

Female empowerment in the Middle East has seen some massive shifts in the past few years. Women across the region are exceptionally thriving in a male-dominated industry. To further anchor this movement, Estée Lauder’s launches the “Together We Shine” campaign to celebrate real Middle Eastern women, who just like Estée Lauder herself have had a great impact on the local community and environment. Following the successful “Reach For The Stars campaign, Estée Lauder aims to put a spotlight on pioneering entrepreneurs, philanthropists and others whose hard work has resonated and made a measurable impact.

Here, Emirati fashion designer Sara Al Tamimi shares how she’s driving sustainability forward and the ways she uplifts and inspire other women.

How does it feel to be a part of Estee Lauder’s “Together We Shine” campaign?

I love the meaning and messaging behind this campaign, and I really enjoyed the time spent working on it with Estée Lauder. The Estée Lauder brand celebrates real Middle Eastern women and gives us a platform to share our stories and inspire others.

What are the initiatives you are driving to promote to lift other women up?

Supporting one another is my #1 initiative. I always do my best to support them in various ways such as offering advice and guidance. I also take part in workshops to mentor women and explain the importance of sustainability and how to make correct choices when purchasing clothing.

How do you think women are changing the fashion industry and how is this positively impacting the industry in the future?

I feel that as fashion designers they elevate the elegance of women through their designs.

​​As a fashion designer in the UAE, how do you drive sustainability forward in your field?

Mainly by raising awareness and explaining the importance of going sustainability to help the world not only for us but also for our future generation.

What makes you feel your most powerful?

Unique sustainable solutions. Creativity in designs and approach.

Who is your mentor and what piece of advice have they handed down to you?

My eldest sister is my mentor – she always advised me that when running a business, you have to act fast.

What is your vision for yourself as a designer?

Building a community locally and slowly expanding internationally.

​​Tell us your favourite Ramadan traditions that you’re most looking forward to.

Family time and spiritual time, a detox and cleanse that prepares me for the rest of the year.

On self-care: Can you share with us your rituals that renew your spirits during Ramadan?

Spiritual time and connecting with my loved ones around me make me a better person.

How do you make time for yourself after a long day?

Some days I am lucky and get some quiet time in bed before it is time to sleep – definitely a highlight of my day!

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