Emirati Women’s Day is celebrated on August 28th each year in the United Arab Emirates.

It’s a day to honourr and recognize the achievements, contributions, and roles of Emirati women in various fields such as politics, economy, and society. The day aims to inspire and empower women while highlighting their accomplishments and promoting gender equality.

The significance of this day lies in amplifying the progress made by Emirati women in various fields, such as education, healthcare, business and more. It also serves as a platform to inspire future generations to pursue their aspirations. Emirati Women’s Day showcases the important role women play in shaping the UAE’s present and future.

On this special occasion, treat the women of your life like the true queens they are. Book them a spa day, make them a memorable meal or spoil them silly by adding a classic piece to their luxury closet

From luxury clothes and accessories to skincare and perfumes, we’ve curated an editor-approved guide for you to refer to.

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Images: Net-A-Porter, Ounass and Instagram @fatmahussam