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Don’t let those cute as a button dimples and doey eyes fool you, our February cover star Miranda Kerr has a steely nature that has made her the second highest paid supermodel in the world and everyone wants a piece of her.

From high-profile brands fighting for her to star in their lucrative campaigns to men coming to blows over her, the 31-year-old Australian model, literally has people falling at her feet. And despite the fact that she values her family life and doesn’t covet media attention, she manages to keep the world’s eyes on her for just enough time to keep them interested.

Her collaborations last year alone included campaigns for Escada, Reekbok, H&M and Wonderbra, while this year see her dripping in crystal earrings and stardust bracelets in photographs for Swarovski’s spring/summer 2015 collection.

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Miranda Kerr for H&M

Not even her divorce from British actor Orlando Bloom could tarnish the lustre of her seemingly perfect life. Insisting the split was amicable, Miranda praises Orlando for being a great father with the pair always putting the needs of their three-year-old son Flynn first.

On co-parenting: “Orlando and I like and respect one another. We talk on the phone every day and discuss our schedules, so we can spend more time with our son. I’m happy and Orlando’s happy.”

On persevering: “Even when I felt ready to give up I always found a way to get back on the horse.”

On staying optimistic: “Meditation helps. And exercises I call ‘joy jumps’. If you’re in a bad mood, start jumping and thinking about what you’re grateful for in life, and all the good things you have. The bad mood will pass – most definitely.”

Miranda Kerr

Five things you never knew about Miranda Kerr

* Her son Flynn Bloom’s middle name Christopher is after her late boyfriend Christopher Middlebrook, who was killed in a car crash in 1998 at the age of 15

* She studied nutrition and health psychology in college

* She aspires to live in a solar-panelled house

* She’s wary of boxing kangaroos

* She learned to drive a stick shift aged eight


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