One of the world’s most famous faces, Cindy Crawford, took to her Instagram recently to settle the rumours that she is retiring from modelling in 2016.

Our February cover star Cindy Crawford, supermodel, mum, author and darling of the fashion industry for 30 years, addressed her 1 million Instagram followers, explaining that the retirement rumours are a running joke in her family.

Cindy makes no secret of the fact she wants to put more energy into her businesses, friends and family but – she adds – “if time has taught me anything, it’s this: never say never.”

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Cindy Crawford en route to celeb pal George Clooney’s wedding

As our February issue is all about how to keep looking and feeling fabulous at any age who else could we have grace our cover but Cindy Crawford? Turning 50 on February 20, Cindy still radiating confidence and elegance after three decades in the spotlight.

For someone who was one of the elite supermodels of the 80s and 90s, she’s done a good job avoiding the tabloids. It’s only been recently that her two children Kaia, 14, and Presley, 16, have started to make headlines – for their own modelling careers.

“I told [them] to treat modeling like a job,” she says, “Do your homework and learn about the photographer you will be working with so by the time you are on set, you have a good idea of what they might want from you.”


So is it her success all down to that good old fashioned work ethic?

According to Cindy, it was both her reliability and a case of good timing: “I was lucky to arrive at a time when the fashion world was looking for a new image of women and a different look from the typical image of blue and blue-eyed models.”

With her idolised looks and her commitment to modeling as much, much more than just a fun lifestyle, we’re not entirely convinced it was just a matter of timing…

Cindy Crawford on her latest venture Becoming – part autobiography, part coffee-table book:

“This book is my way of reflecting on the experiences that have informed my thinking and sharing some of the life lessons I’ve learned along the way.”

Cover Story, Emirates Woman Magazine February16, Cindy Crawford

Cindy on her famous mole:

“As a girl I wanted to remove it because I was embarrassed by it and I was constantly getting teased about it. Of course, that was the thing that set me apart and gave me my distinctive look.”


Cover Story, Emirates Woman Magazine February16, Cindy Crawford

Cindy on keeping fit at 50:

“Nothing is better than working out on a regular basis. I still work out three times a week and I eat a very healthy diet.”


Cover Story, Emirates Woman Magazine February16, Cindy Crawford


Cindy on cultural pressures for women to look good:

“My own daughter Kaia is worrying about her looks and her eyebrows and other things. It’s hard for girls… but it’s really saying more about the people making those judgments that it [is] about [you].”

Cover Story, Emirates Woman Magazine February16, Cindy Crawford

Five things you didn’t know about Cindy Crawford

• She was discovered as a model when she was a junior in high school.

• She studied chemical engineering at Northwestern University – on a scholarship!

• She doesn’t give advice. Her mother always told her: unless someone asks for it, don’t give it.

• Her full name is Cynthia.

• In 1995, she was the highest paid model on the planet.

Cover Story, Emirates Woman Magazine February16, Cindy Crawford

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