December 2014, Cameron Diaz

Another month and another fabulous issue. With our December edition of Emirates Woman celebrating all things showbiz, Hollywood’s golden girl, Cameron Diaz, who will soon be starring in Annie – the ultimate feel-good Christmas film – was the obvious cover star. Discover what we learned from the star and what you can learn from the issue.

As an actress Cameron Diaz has never been shy about baring all and as an author she’s left little to the imagination about her most intimate parts, but in turning her hand to singing in her first musical, she has suddenly come over all shy.

“I sang in My Best Friend’s Wedding but that was more like me doing karaoke compared to this,” says Cameron wincing at the realisation that millions are about to see her first stab at a musical – and a famous one at that. “Annie is a proper musical so no karaoke!”

Playing the evil foster mother Hannigan in director Will Gluck’s 21st century adaptation of the original Broadway classic, she stars alongside Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhane Wallis and Rose Byrne.

In our exclusive interview she discusses the challenges of carrying a tune, why she decided to co-write the Body Book and her reasons for refusing to conform to society’s expectations of her.

Cameron Diaz

On whether she’ll ever settle down with a family of her own: ““It just isn’t the thing I was drawn to.”

On her multi-tasking fitness tips: “You can clench your butt anywhere you want! You can also push up against the counter while you’re waiting for your toast, to stir up your coffee to brew, squats while you are waiting for the subway.”

On why she won’t be adding a playlist to her iPod any time soon: “I hate technology. Technology is not my friend. Technology hates me. I don’t even bother to do anything with technology because as soon as I do it, it’s just going to give me the finger! It just hates me. Actually, I have an iPhone that I am slowly developing a relationship with. I’ve had it a year, and I still have my old Blackberry, not the new Blackberry. That’s a good one. It’s great.”

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  • She went to the same high school at the same time as Snoop Dogg.
  • Her nickname as a child was Skeletor because she was so skinny.
  •  Cameron’s parents allowed the then-16 year old to spend five years travelling the world to pursue her modelling career starting in Japan, where she was accompanied only by a 15-year-old model.
  • Cameron’s father Emilio Diaz appeared in her movie There’s Something About Mary (1998) as a jailbird.
  • A rare piece of steak and greasy fries is one of her favourite meals.



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