Welcome to the first episode of Emirates Man‘s series ‘In Discussion With…’.

For the first episode, EM sits down with Offer Fabian the President of Rugby Israel to discuss the history of rugby in Israel, how the game came about in the country and the future of the sport.

With rugby being in Israel for over fifty years now, the sport’s union dates back to the late 1980s with about ten clubs spanning from the very North which is in upper Galilee all the way to Ashkelon and Beersheba in the South of Israel.

While being the national governing body for elite rugby in Israel, the union operates around seven national teams as it continues to spread the values of rugby across the country, with the goal to support the sport across the country among men and women of all ages, above eight-years-old.



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As part of Emirates Man’s newly launched series ‘In Discussion With…’ Motivate Media’s Group Director, Andrew Wingrove sat down with Fabian, to discuss how Rugby has grown as a sport in the country over the years. 


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With Dubai on the map as a destination for the team to go on tour, Fabian shared during the session how he “plans to turn the tour into an annual recurring event in the future”.

For more information regarding the latest updates visit rugby.org.il 

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