Indeed, some key classic jewellery pieces stand the test of time and Bvlgari is no stranger when it comes to achieving this.

Born to represent new opportunities, growth and an invigorating change is the new B.zero1 collection that’s created with a wave-shaped diamond décor.

Its emblematic design features an endless spiral that portrays the fluidity of an iconic structural masterpiece, Rome’s magnificent Colosseum. With a new take on its classic shape created in 1999, the curve on both ends adds that hint of sophistication as it’s set out to complement every look.

Bvlgari Jewellery necklace

With an experienced team of craftsmen creating pieces that celebrate new journeys, an innovative aesthetic code is embodied into every aspect of its design ensuring that these buy-now pieces will last a lifetime.

For those who dare to dream differently, these luxurious timepieces are a constant reminder to dive with fierceness and write that new chapter that’s waiting to be begun.

By challenging conventions and stigmatized norms, this collection is evocative of an unbridled spirit that stands the test of time. With the name carefully chosen, the ‘B’ stands for Bvlgari while ‘zero’ showcases a new millennium and the number one correlates to new infinite beginnings that will commemorate in your life.

Bvlgari Jewellery

As a depiction of dreams, goals and new revolutions, these iconic jewellery pieces are sure to add simple elegance to any ensemble while still highlighting meaning.

Whether the necklace or ring, each piece is the ultimate expression of independence and it’s available in 18 kt yellow, rose or white gold.

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