Welcome to the jungle…

It was always going to be a highlight of Paris Fashion Week, and Elie Saab’s spring summer 2018 collection didn’t disappoint. Sure, we’ve always got time for your Chanels and Diors, but a bit of local talent will always get our attention.

And what a way to do it. The Lebanese designer’s latest show was stunning, with the mix of drama, creativity and glamour we’ve come to expect. Called Amazon Crush, it took inspiration from the jungle in terms of its colour palette and prints. Eveningwear was a focus (there’s a leaf-printed gown in there we’ll be daydreaming about all week) but this being ready-to-wear, there were some surprisingly practical pieces too. That python-print blazer wouldn’t go astray in our work wardrobes.

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Read on for our favourite looks – but maybe put your credit card on ice first.

Python appears as an imposing print in the total looks of #AmazonCrush

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The colours here may be neutral, but the print isn’t. We love the attitude – the woman in this outfit isn’t here to play.

Movement, colour, and a leather jacket. This is the ultimate party outfit.

A bright color palette of warm yellow takes over the runway #AmazonCrush

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This is classic Saab. Detailed, delicate and elegant. In a perfect world, we’d wear this to every wedding we’re invited to.

Outlines of wild leafage are articulated through innovative lace and vivid vegetal prints #AmazonCrush

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That’s the print we mentioned above, and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s just about perfect. It’s just abstract enough, and 100 per cent dreamy.

Shades of white contrast the collection’s vibrant jungle colors #AmazonCrush

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If Grace Kelly spent some time in the jungle, this is what she’d wear. Love that embroidery.

A deep jungle green takes over the total look extending to playful oversized hats & sunglasses #AmazonCrush

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This is going on our poolside vision board. Just in time for winter…

Fluid-like material mimic a breathing forest in motion #AmazonCrush

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Can’t wait to see this on the red carpet. Is it just us, or could Emma Stone make it look amazing?

Flowing to a jungle breeze #AmazonCrush

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This two-tone number is a complete showstopper. Model Winnie Harlow is, as they say in the business, working it. Cute detail? Her earrings match the top of the dress, and her shoes the bottom. That’s clever styling.

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Images: Elie Saab/Instagram