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If you have already toned down your makeup routine at home, then simplifying your hair routine is the next natural progression.

With work from home policies put in place and all events postponed until further notice, there is no need to be high maintenance about drying and styling your hair. Not only will you save yourself time that can be put towards baking bread and enjoying a Zoom family quiz (and work of course), but you will also be giving your locks a healthy break from the heat.

Egyptian hair platform The Hair Addict, that celebrates natural hair, has introduced ‘The Heat Free Challenge’ which invites everyone to embrace the pure beauty of their hair. Don’t fret as this could actually be a good way to learn more about your hair and what it needs.


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The Hair Addict has been celebrating natural hair since Doaa Gawish launched its Facebook group in 2016, in response to the fact Egyptian women shied away from their natural curls in favour of straighteners. Now, more women in Egypt and beyond are celebrating their natural hair, including Jordanian star Saba Mubarak and Egyptian actress Dina El Sherbiny.

The Hair Addict also has its own own website with a range of products designed for natural hair which can be purchased online.

Still worried about going heat-free? Here are some expert tips from the brand.

Be patient

By the time self-isolation is over, you might be surprised by how much you love your natural hair. Be patient and let the hair do it’s thing.

Natural hair loves moisture

Try to avoid shampoos with harsh sulfates and surfactants. They strip your hair from its natural oils. Also avoid conditioners and leave in’s with water-insoluble silicones as they cause product build up, and prevent moisture from finding its way to your natural tresses. Also mineral oils are a big no.



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Ditch all of your old hair tools

It is not only the straighteners you would need to let go. In fact, natural hair has its own care set, so you would need to get a new towel, new brush and a diffuser.

Detox your scalp

Scalp masks  (with clay and natural oils) can remove any build up and strengthen your hair pores, which is needed for thick luscious hair.

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