Sustainability is a focus across every price point of the fashion industry right now.

As we mark Earth Day 2022, we’ve highlighted nine mindful and ethical brands you should invest in for the long haul.



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A fashion brand combining function with flair for the modern woman in mind, sustainability is the main pillar for this Hungary-based label. Their designers work under the same roof as their pattern makers and all of their materials are chosen directly based on the impact of the durability and longevity of their designs. Their modern bohemian pieces are a wardrobe must-have. They use audit fair hours and wages for workers, as well as sourcing all sustainable materials for their pieces.

Stella McCartney


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This may be an obvious choice, but it’s just one we can’t ignore. Stella McCartney has been a shining a light on sustainability and mindful consumption since the fashion house’s launch in 2001. No fur or leather is used in any of the designer’s pieces, and organic cotton is unanimously used. Not only that, her boutiques are completed with sustainable materials, and she even has an environmental profit and loss team to track the movements of the brand.



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The name really speaks for itself – this brand is quite literally transforming the fashion industry one collection at a time. Their use of deadstock fab- rics – fabrics that other companies throw away, means they’re not only making themselves more sustainable, but they’re reducing waste from other brands, too. This is why you’re likely to only see one piece from them because these deadstock fabrics are used and they aren’t readily available. Not only that, the brand invests back into the community into green building infra- structures in order to minimise their waste, water and carbon footprint.



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“We’re not big on trends,” is Everlane’s main tagline. Their designs are made to last for people to wear for years to come. Perhaps one of the most trans- parent fashion brands in the industry – they even have an Instagram segment called ‘Transparency Tuesdays’ – tell- ing their consumers how much they pay for materials versus how much they’re profiting. They ensure all the factories they use audit fair hours and wages for workers, as well as sourcing all sustain- able materials for their pieces.

Mother of Pearl


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“We create without compromise,” is the important message from London-based fashion brand, Mother of Pearl. Their core value is sustainability which falls under their four pillars: Environment, transparency, social responsibility and animal welfare. Each garment is meticulously designed creating effortlessly chic looks.



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If you’re a sneaker fan, then you’ll love Veja. First launching in 2005, founders Sébastien Kopp and Fran- çois-Ghislain Morillion have put the use of sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled plastic and rubber from traditional sources at its forefront. Last year, in another step forward towards sustainability, the brand released a completely vegan sneaker range. All of the designs are also incredibly stylish and timeless.


The story behind the Egyptian brand Okhtein is just as beautiful as their bags. Founded by sisters, Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf, the sisters have linked up with local NGOs to create their designs, helping women facing hardships. Their design process includes embroidery and weaving which directly supports the production of local crafting skills.



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This jewellery brand, born and bred in Dubai, hones in on sustainability and the sourcing of ethical materials. After several years of working in the diamond industry, the founder of Fyne, Aya Ahmad, decided to go at it alone, opting to use lab grown diamonds which cost around 40 per cent less than traditional environmentally friendly.

Gabriela Hearst


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New York-based fashion house Gabriela Hearst produces luxury ready-to-wear pieces and accessories for men and women. The brand’s core principles are sustainability, uncompromising quality and timelessness. Designer and founder Gabriela created the luxury brand with the aim of reflecting a slower pace and process within the fashion industry and describes the label as “honest luxury”.

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