Year after year, Dyson continues to produce groundbreaking technological releases.

So much so, the multinational technology company’s latest drop was so advanced that it had some questioning whether it was actually real.

Enter Dyson Zone, which combines noise-cancelling headphones with an air-purifying system.

However, with the news released a few days prior to April Fools Day, some questioned the legitimacy of the out-of-this-world launch by the brand, which Dyson quickly and casually rectified.

“I’ve just realised what day it is on Friday. Surely they didn’t plan out a two year April fools???,” one person on Twitter wrote, to which Dyson responded by saying, “This is no April Fools joke.”

The Dyson Zone is a project that’s been six years in the making for the group and it’s the world’s very first wearable purifier helping combat 21st-century issues such as air quality and noise pollution.

As per Dyson, the highly-skilled team of engineers has worked on this for six years to nail the technology that purifies air both indoors and outdoors. In 2016, the initial concept came to fruition with the concept being drawn to a wearable format.


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In regard to the air filtration mechanism, this device uses electrostatic filters that capture 99 per cent of particle pollution such as dust, pollen and bacteria, along with any city’s gasses such as ozone and sulphur dioxide.

As for the headphones, this wireless device uses a noise-cancelling mode to blackout any unwanted disturbance with a high-fidelity audio system.

By coupling safety with entertainment, this one-of-a-kind device has most certainly got heads turning.

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