Emirates Woman’s new columnist, Diane von Furstenberg, reveals the inspiration behind her latest collection.

Glam Rock, my Autumn 2013 collection, is all about being the rock star and muse of your own life. And what does that mean, exactly? You must be the inspiration and the artist, which is interesting to me because that is really what I do. I design clothes that I want to wear.  And this season is no exception.

“Every collection starts with a woman. She’s always on-the-go, constantly in motion. She winks at herself and smiles at her shadow. This autumn, she’s stepping into the night, effortlessly glamorous. She is wearing a suede wrap dress in the season’s rich Sienna, or she is in a beautiful bohemian gown in a bright tanzanite blue. For prints, she is wrapped in a warped chain link or an oversized graphic leopard. She mixes prints with confidence, and that’s so important. Confidence is the most important thing.


“People always ask where I find my inspiration. I collect inspiration the way that I collect friends – wherever I go, and there’s always room for more. I’m inspired by women, by nature and by art. I’m always travelling and I take photographs constantly. The colour of the sea in Positano becomes a dress or the way the sun shines through the trees becomes a print. The possibilities are endless.

“There are few things more satisfying than seeing my vision come to life, on the catwalk or on the street. I remember shortly after I first moved to New York and started my company, driving down Park Avenue and counting all of the wrap dresses. It was such a thrill for a young European girl. It’s still a thrill today. To create dresses that empower women, that give them confidence and enable them to be the woman they want to be, that is such a privilege.

“So Glam Rock, for me, is a very personal collection. Effortless, sexy, and on-the-go, it exudes a confidence that reflects the moment I’m in now. I wanted to create a collection that honours the past but anticipates the future. In the moment, always in motion, that is where the magic happens.”


Dian von Furstenbery writes a monthly column exclusively for Emirates Woman magazine.

DVF collection is available at Diane von Furstenberg boutique in Mall Of The Emirates as well as Boutique 1 in Mall Of The Emirates and Jumeirah Beach Residence boutique1.com