As if we needed any more reason to love Dubizzle, they’ve gone ahead and extended their company’s maternity leave policy to twice the duration of maternity leave specified by the UAE law.

Why? To ensure that “mothers’ careers are protected, while allowing them the time and support they need during the first crucial months of parenthood.”


The UAE law states that private sector employees be given a minimum of 45 calendar days of paid maternity leave.

Employees can also have the option to take another 100 days off without pay.


Dubizzle’s new policy revision means that new mums can now take up to 90 calendar days of paid leave. 

Well, Dubizzle have actually introduced three new options.

Mums can either return to work full time after the three months of maternity leave, take an additional two months of unpaid leave, or return to work on reduced hours (9am to 2pm) with an adjusted salary for two months.

That’s not all, Dubizzle even have a nursing room in the office to ensure that mums can have a private and dedicated space to nurse their babies.

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“As an employee of Dubizzle I feel empowered by the extended maternity leave as it allows me to maintain my career while tending to my child in the crucial first period,” says Dubizzle’s customer support manager and new mum Salma Anabtawi.

“I hope this policy change will inspire others in the market, to allow for more lenient maternity leave rules.”

While Dubai has no paternity leave laws, Dubizzle’s new dads are given five days of paid leave after their baby is born.

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Dubizzle aren’t alone in Dubai.

Omnicom Media Group MENA have recently increased their maternity leave to 90 days after being encouraged by their staff.

Materials handling provider company Chep have also increased their leave period for mothers to four months in total, and it can be extended by employees with their assigned annual paid and unpaid leave days.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to see more companies following suit…

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