Rebecca Treston is Dubai’s go-to skincare and laser expert at Hortman Clinics.

To understand more about her unique approach to laser treatments and various effective treatments, Emirates Woman speaks to her.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

My morning usually starts between 5 to 5.30am. I enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before the house wakes up at around 6am. Then it’s on with the gym kit and out the door as weekdays is always busy. I’d love to evolve and get up at 4 to meditate, then journal and have a quiet coffee, but that’s yet to be achieved.

Rebecca Treston laser

You’ve had a distinctive and pioneering approach to lasers with unrivalled results. How did you hone your own techniques?

My passion for lasers was introduced in the late nineties. I worked in a clinic, but the company also made aesthetic equipment and first-generation lasers, so I’ve been involved quite early and evolved with them. My vast experience gives me the confidence to not only apply but layer these energies to enable me to treat the varying conditions of my client’s skin. Every day I’m grateful for the trust my clients have in me.

You focus on laser treatments. Can they replace Botox and other popular skincare services?

Lasers improve both function and structure of the skin. There is nothing better to even out texture and tones and boosting the structure naturally, but it of course has limits as ageing is multifaceted. You lose volume and this is where fillers come in. If you are very expressive you will start to get deep lines, this is where Botox will help, so for some, a combination approach will be the best. In my opinion, it’s always best to start with a laser. This will make significant improvements that can then be tweaked with filler and Botox for a more natural and long-lasting effect.

How important is aftercare when working with laser treatments?

When it comes to your skin and face you can’t be irresponsible and there is a lot of extra care required for effortless glowing skin to be achieved. Some of the precautionary measures include various elements. The first being avoid rubbing and scratching the treated area. Some patients experience redness and sensitivity after treatment. But one must avoid touching the area to stop inflammation and you should allow your skin to rejuvenate naturally. The second point is to avoid any makeup as your skin is the most sensitive after the treatment, so you should at all costs avoid putting any makeup on the face to further aggravate the skin. Certain foundations have ingredients that might block the pores and congest the surface. The next is to avoid hot water after a treatment as the skin is sensitive and this might cause a burning sensation. The last point to take note of is to avoid direct sunlight. Any prolonged sun exposure should be avoided for four weeks before and after the treatment.

Rebecca Treston Hortman clinics

 Your latest research involves stem cell treatments. How is this a game-changer in the beauty industry?

Yes, stem cell therapy uses stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. The key lies in the ability of stem cells to speed healing times and encourage the production of blood cells, which makes them ideal for treating injuries. It has also launched a host of new possibilities for beauty and cosmetic procedures. The treatment is non-invasive and is typically free of discomfort allowing most patients to notice a difference after their third round of treatment. We shine a laser light of a specific wavelength onto stem cells to stimulate a response. Cells within our body respond to light energy therapy without any harmful damage. Cells that become inflamed can be encouraged to become less inflamed if stimulated by laser light. In addition, certain biochemical processes of cells can be modified through laser light.

This is The Pioneer Issue – what does this mean to you?

It means a lot to me to be a part of this prestigious issue and I am honoured for the opportunity to share insights into my industry and my life.

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