With her knack for layering and ability to make streetwear look elevated and relevant, it’s about time Leena Al Ghouti extended her style confidence to the rest of us.

Partnering with her brother, Hasan Al Ghouti, the Dubai-based style star has created a minimalist streetwear brand, Stacks, that celebrates the off-duty attitude of the 90s and blends it with the current trends.

“We are daring, provocative and irreverent, we don’t look at anyone in the eyes and we believe in always having a surprise factor in the small details,” the duo explain in the brand profile. “Stacks is a premium streetwear brand whose main focus is to provide groundbreaking designs and unique materials at affordable prices.”



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With their unisex range of timeless sweatshirts, joggers, hoodies and T-shirts, they wanted to create a new kind of uniform for a modern urbanite.

“The colours, the lines, the typography, all reflect the brand’s passion for minimalism and Nordic shapes, mixed with irreverent graphics and provocative collages, creating a unique and unseen before look.”


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They also collaborate with artists who add their own spin Stacks ethos, so you can always expect something unique on the horizon.

“At Stacks we have a strong sense of belonging within the brand, like a tribe that shares the same visual identity, our garments have become a uniform to express individuality and strong personality by belonging to the same clan.”

Can we join the gang?

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