A recent study by Remitly, a prominent digital financial services provider, delved into worldwide search data to unveil the coveted relocation destinations across the globe.

Surprisingly, Dubai emerges as the unrivaled dream city, capturing the aspirations of 60 countries, while Miami and Paris follow as distant contenders with 12 and 10 countries favoring them, respectively.


In the ever-expanding landscape of international migration, Remitly analyzed the annual search volumes for ‘move to (city),’ revealing the top-choice destination for each country. Dubai, the vibrant heart of the United Arab Emirates, shines brightly on this global stage.

Dubai’s allure lies in its year-round sunshine, burgeoning professional opportunities, top-notch infrastructure, and a diverse and growing population. This ‘Jewel of the Desert’ has seen its population swell to a historic 3.6 million in 2023, a testament to its magnetic appeal.

While Dubai claims its throne, Miami stands as the second most desired city for global migration, and Paris, the ‘City of Love,’ secures the third spot. The reasons behind Dubai’s dominance become evident when considering its abundant job opportunities, robust infrastructure, excellent healthcare, and educational offerings.


Notably, despite Dubai’s supremacy, North America emerges as the most sought-after continent, with eight cities from the US and Canada making it to the top 10 list.

Jago McKenzie, Business Management Director at Remitly, notes the global trend of people contemplating international moves for improved job prospects, enhanced quality of life, or increased salaries to support families back home.

With numerous cities offering promising job prospects and high living standards, the challenge lies in selecting the one that resonates most with individual preferences.

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Information and Images: Supplied by Remity